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Man Asks Internet How To Deal with Manager's Demands Outside Work Hours

"By the way, this is a man who loves to micromanage if I am away even for five minutes he is on my case," he adds. 
Cover Image Source: Employee calls out manager for threatening to get him fired | TikTok | @unwedvampire
Cover Image Source: Employee calls out manager for threatening to get him fired | TikTok | @unwedvampire

While overtime is legit if employers want employees to work off the clock, it is not always the reality. This TikTok user took to the popular video-sharing platform to talk about how his manager threatened to take away his job after he refused to work post-work hours. In the video, @unwedvampire says, "My (American) manager just yelled at me because he said, I am not being a team player." "By the way, this is a man who loves to micromanage. If I am away even for five minutes, he is on my case," he adds. 

TikTok |  unwedvampire
TikTok | unwedvampire

He then says that his actual manager is on leave as she is pregnant. "So this, new American guy right, and he just basically yelled at me because he scheduled a meeting at 8:00 am with the Client and he said like, I was meant to lead it, and I was like 'Oh can you ask somebody else on the team, cause I have class from 8:00 am to 8:45, so that's why like I start at 9,'" he adds.

Wise Woman | TikTok
Wise Woman | TikTok

His manager stated that he was not acting like a team player, to which he said, "No but it's outside my work hours." His manager went on to say, "I don't think you're being considerate of other people's time." The TikTok creator couldn't help but reply, "I don't think you're being considerate of my time." The manager was not letting this go and said he would take this up with HR and see what HR had to say about this. 

"I was like, what do you mean, like it's outside my work hours, I am not available at that time. If anything I'd be doing it as a favor," he said, adding that it wasn't something that he was "required" to do. 

The manager went on to ask if he needed progress, to which the TikTok creator straight up refused and said that he was feeling content with his current position. 

ana_the_librarian | TikTok
ana_the_librarian | TikTok

The manager then went on to threaten and say, "But you want to keep this position?" "Alluding to the fact that I would lose my job if I didn't do this," he said in the video. 

After this, the TikTok creator went on to ask for clarification to which the manager simply replied, "I think we both know what I'm trying to get at here. "What do I do in this position, what do I say?" he says before abruptly ending the video.

Many took to the comment section to express their views on the matter. One user Evins writes, "This is definitely what working in America is like" while another writes, "Call his bluff, take it to HR. Assuming you're not working for an American company that's unacceptable." However, many felt that taking it up to HR was going to do no good for the employee, with one user writing, "People recommending him go to HR, HR is not your friend."

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