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Meet the 36-Year-Old Who Earned $77,000 Passive Income on Etsy Spending Just 5-10 Minutes Daily

Rachel Jimenez is growing her projects beyond Etsy, using passive income, online teaching, and blogging to make more money and help more people.
Cover Image Source: This entrepreneur is growing her projects beyond Etsy (representative image) | Photo by Moose Photos | Pexels
Cover Image Source: This entrepreneur is growing her projects beyond Etsy (representative image) | Photo by Moose Photos | Pexels

Rachel Jimenez is focusing on other projects after several years of operating her popular Etsy store. Since its launch in 2019, her shop, which offers digital goods including Elf on a Shelf-themed Christmas game, has generated a good profit. Passive income from Rachel's Etsy shop was $77,000 in 2023. She states that she only checks mail about the shop for "five to ten minutes" each day. She realized she could afford to be pickier about the projects she took on because of this and additional revenue. Rachel decided to concentrate on initiatives that could benefit others and have a significant influence as she was thinking about her next moves. This led her to prioritize activities like her blog and newsletter.

Image Source: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio |Pexels
Passive income success on Etsy (representative image) | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio |Pexels

At 36, Rachel is now sharing her expertise and expanding her content offerings. Below, you'll find details on each of her ventures from last year before taxes were deducted. Jimenez launched "Optimize Your Life Academy," an online school that emphasizes positive psychology and how it relates to success, at the beginning of 2023. The total income generated by this course throughout the year was about $12,250. She uses a variety of internet platforms including email campaigns and a free webinar to advertise the course. Jimenez consistently draws in new leads and closes deals for the $297 course by keeping an active sales funnel.

Jimenez also introduced "Passive Income 101," a new course, in September 2023. Understanding passive income, launching a business generating passive income, and investment methods are some of the subjects covered in this course. At first, she exclusively shared information about this course with her newsletter subscribers. At $97, it brought in around $900 in sales the previous year. In October 2021, Jimenez launched her weekly email, having launched her blog the previous year. These platforms include a wide range of subjects such as positive psychology, personal finance, and passive income.

Image Source: Photo by Jopwell | Pexels
Jimenez also offers an online course on passive income (representative image) | Photo by Jopwell | Pexels

Jimenez acknowledges that it can be difficult to stick to a regular publishing schedule because sometimes she goes weeks without posting. However, she takes pride in the fact that since the newsletter's launch, she hasn't missed a single week. Sending out on Thursdays, the newsletter has grown to have over 8,000 subscribers and is available for free. Jimenez writes for both platforms for approximately four hours a week. Through affiliate connections, her blog brought in about $24,000 last year. The newsletter generates approximately $1,500 in cash from advertisements.

For now, Jimenez is focusing on improving her marketing strategies to reach more people on both platforms. She admits she still doesn’t understand sites like Pinterest well, which is why she has decided to enroll in a course to learn how to use them to increase her blog traffic. In the summer of 2023, Jimenez also taught as an adjunct professor at Mount San Antonio College in addition to her online efforts. She has also directed three seminars throughout the summer: one on mobile technology, which covered the basics of mobile messaging, and two on homework.

Jimenez is only teaching one subject this semester, home-based business, which focuses on business marketing tactics. She spends three hours a week teaching and receives $66 per hour. Her teaching activities earned her about $10,450 in total revenue the previous year. Teaching gives Jimenez important insights into the wants and difficulties of her possible audience. She discovers that having real-world talks with students throughout class provides useful opportunities for market research.