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This Starbucks Barista Was Yelled At By Customer Over $1.35 For Extra Milk!

In a viral Reddit post, a Starbucks customer yelled at a barista who up-charged them for requesting extra milk.
Cover Image Source: Barista | Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh | Pexels
Cover Image Source: Barista | Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh | Pexels

In a widely circulated incident on social media, a Starbucks customer became furious over a minor issue and ended up yelling at a barista. The barista took to social media to explain what led to it. "It finally happened. I got screamed at by a customer today, over $1.35," her Reddit post read. Her post garnered thousands of views, with many users expressing dismay over the situation.

Image Source: BreannaBanana11 | Reddit
Image Source: BreannaBanana11 | Reddit

"Today, a man came into my store and ordered a grande flat white in a venti cup, and he wanted it topped off with half and half. I clarified with him that he wanted me to fill up the rest of his cup with half and half, and he said yes. That’s an extra four ounces of milk, so obviously I had to charge him for the additional milk," she said.

However, the customer didn't realize there would be an extra charge. "After I took his order, he requested his receipt. When he saw the $1.35 extra charge, he asked about it. I explained that because he wanted more than a 1/4 inch of extra milk, I had to charge him for it. That's when he started yelling at me, saying he only wanted a splash of milk and demanded a refund of $1.35."

She told him that since the Starbucks outlet is situated within Target, the refund policies are different here. She further explained that she could only provide the customer with a Target gift card instead of a refund.

Cover Image Source: Pexels | Josh Sorenson
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Josh Sorenson

"He started yelling and swearing at me because he wanted cash and not a Target gift card. I tried to tell him many times that I couldn't just open the cash register and give him cash. Also, I couldn't refund his order using the Target checkout system," she said.

"After three minutes of him swearing at me, he eventually said, 'Fine, I'll just take the gift card.' It's another example of a customer feeling they deserve more without paying for it," she added.

Image Source: BreannaBanana11 | Reddit
Image Source: BreannaBanana11 | Reddit

The Reddit post garnered multiple comments; a few users expressed disappointment while some were seen questioning basic ethics. "What a jerk. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. But seriously, who would want so much cold milk in a flat white?! It ruins the whole drink! (I'm not a barista, just a flat white fan)," one person commented.

"If you mistreat a barista, you should be banned forever. Jerk," another person agreed. "In the end, you just have to laugh that this guy proudly left with a $1.35 gift card," someone else wrote. "I would have just charged him for a Venti - that's what he asked for," suggested a barista.

Image Source: BreannaBanana11 | Reddit
Image Source: BreannaBanana11 | Reddit

In a similar incident, a Starbucks barista shared a note from a customer who apologized for their rude behavior. The barista, training new staff during a busy promotion, encountered a disgruntled customer at the drive-thru. Despite her apology, the customer drove off impatiently. Surprisingly, the same customer returned later with a heartfelt apology note, acknowledging their impatience was unjustified. 

"Please accept my heartfelt apology for my boorish behavior yesterday. I was in a bad mood, impatient, and in a hurry. None of that was your fault," the note read.