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Barista Alleges This Popular Coffee Chain Is Keeping Food For Longer To Save Money; Internet Is Furious

In a viral video, the barista exposes Starbucks for the "alleged" malpractice.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @gingerbratz
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @gingerbratz

Social media users are boycotting major companies over the Israel-Palestine conflict, and Starbucks is among those facing scrutiny. As consumers seek alternatives to popular coffee chains, employees are stepping up as whistleblowers, shedding light on the inner workings of these establishments. In a recent video shared by TikTok creator @gingerbrarz, a Starbucks barista exposes the coffee house for "alleged" malpractice.

Image Source: TikTok | gingerbratz
Image Source: TikTok | @gingerbratz

"Your favorite coffee company that is publicly supporting injustices around the world […] allegedly has decided that to save money, they are going to keep their sandwiches and food products longer," the TikToker says while wearing a worker's cap with the brand name on it.

She then explains that after extensive quality testing, the company has now decided that they can use the products for days without changing the ingredients and the recipe. "Unless there’s like more preservatives or chemicals that taste the same or whatever you are now getting the same product days later that was previously thrown out because it was like not good anymore," she said.

"So yeah, if active injustices are not enough for you to stop going there, maybe your health and your well-being will stop you," she added. 

TikTok  SAnkar🇵🇸
Image Source: TikTok | @SAnkar🇵🇸

Many took to the comment section to express how they felt about the company, with one user, @scorpstinghbh, boasting about his time off, "I haven't spent money at a Starbucks in over six months," to which the OP writes, "Double it." Another user, @Christina, wrote "Have not had Starbucks since mid-October. Don’t miss it one bit."

While @Luckyspaceclover commented, "I'm not surprised. My mom got their lemon cake one time and it was still in the wrapper. she looked at the expiration date & it was like a year passed she called customer service & all they had to." A different user said, "Starbucks for life," to which @R replied, "enjoy mold ❤️"

Spllgirl🍉| TikTok
Image Source: Spllgirl🍉| TikTok

The boycott of Starbucks gained momentum following the company's legal action against Workers United, a union that had expressed solidarity with Palestine by posting a message on social media. The company initiated a lawsuit, urging the union to refrain from using its name and logo, asserting that the corporation maintained no official stance on the ongoing conflict in the region.

This move elicited strong reactions from individuals across the world. "I understand on a corporate level why they wanted to mitigate that damage, but on the humanity level, it’s horrible. I personally try to consume and do things in a way that I’m not disregarding other people’s pain when I’m purchasing something," Gabrielle Blake, a student at Kent State University in Ohio, told AP.

The backlash against Starbucks intensified with the viral spread of the hashtag #boycottstarbucks on TikTok. The hashtag garnered significant attention, with over 5,000 posts accumulating more than 42 million views. Additionally, Starbucks experienced a substantial decline in its market value, with its stock plummeting by nearly $11 billion in November 2023.

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