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Woman skips tip after buffet server refuses to bring her a spoon; internet is divided

"Oh my God, just go get your own spoon. You seem entitled," somebody wrote in the comment section
Cover Image Source: Customer got back at server for declining her request | Photo by Elina Sazonova | Pexels
Cover Image Source: Customer got back at server for declining her request | Photo by Elina Sazonova | Pexels

An Alabama-based country music DJ was at a buffet with her four-year-old grandchild when they asked the server for a spoon. The waitress refused so she decided to not leave her a tip. Amie Pollard (@amiepollard1) shared the entire incident on TikTok. Since she shared it on Saturday, the video had roughly 130,000 views and approximately 3,600 likes by Monday morning.

In the video, Pollard can be seen sitting with her grandchild on an outdoor patio, pausing to talk to the camera while eating crab legs. She describes how when she requested a spoon, the waitress replied that they were at the register. So, Pollard decided to not leave any tip. 

Image Source: @amiepollard1 | TikTok
Image Source: @amiepollard1 | TikTok

The message on the screen asks, "Do you all understand what I'm saying?" But not everyone agreed. One person said, "Oh my God, just go get your own spoon. You seem entitled."

Image Source: @amiepollard1 | TikTok
Image Source: @amiepollard1 | TikTok

Another commenter criticized, "Being a white woman in America and complaining about not getting up to get your own silverware... the privilege to complain." However, someone defended Pollard, saying, "You don't know Amie. She's very generous and wouldn't make unreasonable requests. Maybe spend your time watching her videos instead."

Image Source: @amiepollard1 | TikTok
Image Source: @amiepollard1 | TikTok

Another commenter chimed in, saying, "I agree with you. It's not a big request. Staff should try to be helpful when they can." Pollard clarified further in the comments, "I tip the same amount whether it's full service or not. I know it's a buffet, but I don't mind tipping like I would in a regular restaurant. I forgot the spoon and my grandchild was struggling to eat with a fork."

She also pointed out, "The waitress could clearly see it was just me and my grandchild at the table. Instead of helping us, she was busy chatting with her friends and checking her phone."

The Salty Waitress, a columnist for The Takeout, explains, "Tipping at buffets can be tricky because the level of service varies. Some places only bring drinks while others might clear plates, check on you, and refill drinks. Additionally, tips for buffet servers might be shared with food runners who replenish the buffet dishes. It's important to gauge how much work your server is doing. And remember the golden rule of tipping: If they do a great job, consider leaving a little extra."

The columnist also notes that according to Emily Post, a 10% tip is generally recommended for buffet service.

The continuous argument over tipping culture in the United States persists despite worries about inflation and justice. Many think that businesses should raise wages to avoid dependency on gratuities.

Esthetician Janine's viral TikTok video emphasized her irritation when requested to tip for internet purchases, calling into question the necessity of paying when no direct service is provided. This generated a larger conversation on social media regarding proper tipping procedures, particularly in the beauty business. Some questioned if typical tipping percentages are still applicable to high-cost services.

Critics of tipping in restaurants claim that it can boost hourly profits for insufficient service. According to research, Americans tip in a variety of ways, with the bulk of tips associated with service quality. Most people favor discretionary tipping over mandated charges, particularly in sit-down restaurants.

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