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A Social Media User’s Response Video Goes Viral but There’s More to It Than Just That

After a YouTube podcast goes viral, a reaction video creates confusion among social media users.
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Demoted | TikTok | @trekfit
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Demoted | TikTok | @trekfit

The YouTube podcast "Demoted" is receiving backlash from viewers after the hosts' harsh reactions to a "Gen Z new hire" situation went viral. The 48-minute video gained widespread attention on the popular video-sharing platform. In the clip, the hosts, Natalie Marie, and Ross Corp Pomerantz, responded to an email regarding a "Gen Z new hire" who declined an invitation to an early morning meeting because of his fitness classes. The two asserted that sacrifices should be prioritized in the professional world. This content not only landed the hosts in hot waters but also created unnecessary confusion.


In a recent podcast episode of "Demoted," Marie shared an email from a listener who is an employer at a company. The listener wanted to know if it was acceptable for the new hire to decline an important work meeting just because they needed to show up for an 8 a.m. fitness class, to which she said, "You just started this job. I don't give a flying s--- about your workout class. Also, an 8 a.m. workout class is too late. Work out at six, maybe seven."

Even Pomerantz looked angry, "My visceral reaction was are you f---ing kidding me?" he said. Both hosts expressed their perspectives, stating that while acknowledging mental and physical health is important, it shouldn't clash with one's work schedule. They emphasized the need for a healthy work-life balance and debated the expectations around "personal time" within the workplace. 

"To monopolize your calendar for things that I would consider to be personal time, that's gonna be a ‘no’ for me dog," said Pomerantz. He then went on to say that one needs to make sacrifices at work and that "you’re going to have to give up some things" when you first embark on a career path. Marie added how such behavior is unacceptable, especially when someone is just starting a new job.

Image Source: TikTok | @trekfit
Image Source: TikTok | @trekfit

Their remarks sparked major backlash on TikTok, and users flocked to debate the work-life balance culture. A user named Alexandre Evidente (@trekfit) made a reaction video that went viral. In response to Marie's statements on the podcast, the TikToker said, "Okay, let's just say I skip the gym. Two things. When can I expect you to reimburse me for my class? And two, are you going to be paying me from 8 am to 9 am? Or at the very least let me leave at 4 p.m. Natalie if your answer to both of those is ‘no’ then there's no discussion needed."

YouTube | Demoted
Image Source: YouTube | Demoted

Users seemed to agree with what Evidante had to say. "Great clap back dang I used to love corporate Natalie. I guess you live long enough to see yourself become the villain," commented one user. "My reply to Natalie would have been 'as my work hours are 9-5 EST I scheduled a workout class outside my working hours that are in direct conflict with this meeting'" wrote another.

Marie soon responded in a new video posted on the "Demoted" podcast TikTok page. "First things first, we decided to take down the video, so it's no longer there. We got a lot of heat, and rightfully so. It was getting vicious in the comments. We decided to take it down," she said. She also expressed regret over how her remarks from the podcast were taken out of context, acknowledging that the situation has already been a valuable learning experience for her.

Trekfit | TikTok
Image Source: @trekfit | TikTok

A day after his initial response to the "Demoted" podcast's video, Evidente posted a follow-up video to clarify that his widely circulated reaction video was indeed a skit. In the video, he acknowledges, "That video that I made was my genuine reaction to the situation in the form of a skit. I should have made that clear. And I'm sorry." Commenters seemed surprised upon learning that his viral video was only a skit, while others were astonished that anyone believed it was real. 

Trekfit | TikTok
Image Source: @trekfit | TikTok

As of now, the TikToker's explanation hasn't garnered even 100,000 views, while his first video continues to go viral. This perpetuates the misconception among TikTok users that Evidante is earnestly addressing his real boss, rather than delivering a response in the format of a skit. This incident on TikTok may seem like a platform-specific drama but it highlights the dangerous influence of virality.