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Caffeine-Based Weightloss Product Or Just Another Scam? The Truth Behind FitSpresso

The product's sales videos feature supposed quotes from celebs without any material proof and none of these celebs have endorsed it on their channels.
Cover Image Soure: Representative image | Pexels | Photo by Ketut Subiyanto
Cover Image Soure: Representative image | Pexels | Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

The weight loss supplement market is filled with dubious products that make it harder for customers to fish out the real ones. Products with bold claims of belly fat loss, quick fat loss, and more are ever so common. In this space, a new product called FitSpresso, which is marketed as a novel caffeine-based weight loss formula, is making noise for all the wrong reasons.


FitSpresso’s marketing sets off numerous red flags which are seen in most dubious products. For instance, its sales videos feature supposed quotes from celebrities without any material proof. Furthermore, none of the celebrities mentioned by the company have endorsed the product on their channels. A report from MalwareTips suggested several factors indicating the product to be an elaborate scam. The product’s website shows many before/after photos and dramatic weight loss testimonials which seem to be stock images or of paid actors/influencers and not ordinary people.


The FitSpresso website also suggests that the supplement has been “evaluated by the FDA” and “backed by clinical studies” again a claim that has no material proof to back it. As per the report, the product has not been evaluated by the FDA and the claim of clinical testing is also false. Furthermore, potential customers of the product are bombarded with extremely long, rambling sales pitch videos full of pseudoscience claims, logical leaps, and high-pressure tactics that manipulate people into buying the product. As per MalwareTips, the videos seem engineered and they aim to overwhelm the critical thinking of people. The website also creates a false sense of urgency by showing “limited time” discounts and by claiming that the products are about to sell out or their prices are going to drastically rise shortly. However, their product stock and discounts tend to remain the same for months.

The main part of the scam is not the alleged dubious product but its claimed auto-billing scandal. The website automatically signs up customers for an auto-billing clause and provides monthly shipments of FitSpresso without their consent. Customers who reported being scammed also complained that the refund process is difficult and designed to deter them from getting any money back.


Another revolutionary tactic adopted by FitSpresso is the creation of fake “reviews” type articles that contain the keyword “scam” in them, per OnlyMyHealth. These headlines mask the results that contain stories of scams and show users nothing but a paid review that praises the product and at the end says FitSpresso is not a scam and it is legit. MalwareTips report said that these mimic news reports are created to lure customers and make them believe that the product is authentic.

The report suggests that there is no verifiable information about who manufactures or markets FitSpresso as the address mentioned on the bottle of the product leads to an unrelated freight company. Many customer and doctor reviews state that FitSpresso is not effective for weight loss despite the bold claims made. It likely contains only caffeine and no special weight-loss ingredients. In a YouTube video, Dr Brian Yueng breaks down the contents of FitSpresso discussing their efficacy in weight loss.


In the end, Dr Yeung gives FitSpresso an “F” for effectiveness in weight loss saying that it won’t affect the user’s weight. He says that while FitSpresso “claims” to have several ingredients that aid weight loss, the product contains very low amounts of those ingredients to help any progress.