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Palworld Developer Warns Fans of Fake Mobile Versions of the Popular Game

Pocket Pair has clarified that the game is currently exclusive to PC and Xbox consoles.
Cover Image Source: Palworld | Instagram | @palworld_official
Cover Image Source: Palworld | Instagram | @palworld_official

Pocket Pair, the developer behind the wildly popular game Palworld, has issued a warning to its fans regarding the proliferation of fake versions of the game circulating on various mobile platforms. The studio reiterated that the game does not currently have an official mobile version. This cautionary statement comes in response to the recent surge in the game's popularity following its successful launch on PC and Xbox consoles.


Since its release, Palworld has garnered immense attention from players worldwide, amassing millions of active users. The game's debut on platforms like Steam and Xbox Game Pass quickly catapulted it to fame, with Steam reporting over 2 million concurrent players engaging with the game. Despite fans' eager anticipation for Palworld to expand to other gaming platforms, such as PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, Pocket Pair has clarified that the game is currently exclusive to PC and Xbox consoles.

However, this rapid rise in popularity has also attracted unauthorized third parties seeking to capitalize on Palworld's success by creating fake mobile versions. The absence of a mobile version has prompted some individuals to create counterfeit apps, falsely claiming to offer Palworld gameplay experiences on mobile devices.

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In response to this concerning trend, Pocket Pair has taken proactive measures to warn fans about the risks associated with downloading these fake mobile apps. The developer emphasized the potential threat to users' personal information posed by unauthorized third-party applications.

Moreover, the developer has reported the issue to both Apple and Google, where these fake apps have surfaced.


While Pocket Pair has not officially announced plans for a mobile version of Palworld, the studio has disclosed its collaboration with mobile game developer KLab Games on a new "hybrid-casual" mobile game project. Details regarding this upcoming mobile game remain undisclosed, but KLab Games' expertise in developing mobile titles for popular anime franchises like Bleach suggests exciting possibilities for the collaboration.

Furthermore, Pocket Pair has already revealed its next game project, titled "Never Grave," described as a game reminiscent of Hollow Knight.

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Palworld's initial surge in popularity has been accompanied by huge controversy for its Japanese indie developer. The studio has been accused of utilizing AI-generated artwork in the development of Palworld, along with plagiarism issues. These concerns have attracted attention from industry giants like The Pokemon Company, further fueling the controversy surrounding the game's creation.

Additionally, Palworld's modding community has already courted controversy, particularly with the introduction of a Pokemon mod for the game shortly after its release. However, the mod was swiftly removed just days following Palworld's launch, adding to the game's tumultuous reception.

Despite these controversies, the game's success continues to fuel demand for different ways to experience the captivating monster-catching gameplay it offers. Fans are eager for further expansions and enhancements to the game, indicative of its widespread appeal and enduring popularity.