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Woman Finds Cosmetics Worth Thousands During a Dumpster Dive; Here's What That Means

This sparked discussion about retail waste and the value of dumpster diving and left many people amazed.
Cover Image Source: Expensive finds in Sephora dumpster | Glamourddive | Instagram
Cover Image Source: Expensive finds in Sephora dumpster | Glamourddive | Instagram

Sometimes the most fascinating things or lucrative deals can be found in unexpected places, but has anyone ever imagined finding that in the trash?

Ella Rose, a TikTok user with 1.7 million followers, who goes by the name GlamourDDive online, has taken up dumpster diving as a hobby. She looks through trash for various items, including gadgets, furniture, decorations, and cosmetics. Rose discovers a variety of products, including pricey pieces like a 14k Gold Diamond necklace and elegant shoes and fragrances. This way, authentic products can be bagged cheaper than the prices that they are sold for.

Image Source: Glamourddive Instagram
Image Source: Glamourddive | Instagram

Recently, Rose made a surprising find in a Sephora dumpster. She got her hands on cosmetic products worth more than $5,129.98, including expensive perfumes and a Dyson Airwrap, all in good condition. This sparked discussion about retail waste and the value of dumpster diving and left many people amazed. Rose found an empty Dyson Airwrap box on her most recent dive but it felt much heavier than anticipated. Inside was an upscale hair styling item in perfect condition when she opened it. This discovery was only the start. Rose also found a bag full of high-end skincare and fragrance items, such as a $2,564.66 La Mer moisturizer and scents from YSL and Gucci. Rose claims that everything she rescued from a dumpster was brand-new and untouched. Viewers even questioned why Sephora was throwing away such expensive stuff and not donating it to someone in need.

Image Source: Glamourddive | TikTok

Rose uses trash diving as a protest against retail waste, not merely as a way to find stuff. Before putting the products up for sale online, she repairs and cleans them, giving once thoughtless objects new life. By doing this, she draws attention to the tremendous waste that the retail sector produces. Rose shows her dedication to cutting waste and providing value by assuring buyers of the product's quality and safety through her website, GlamourDDive's shop.

With over 213,000 views, Rose's video exhibiting her haul has sparked debates regarding the morality and legality of trash diving. Rose's activities convey a larger message about waste, consumerism, and the potential uses for things that are sometimes viewed as trash. Rose challenges social norms about waste and value through her audacious attempts, and she also spreads awareness about the hidden potential that lies inside our regular waste.

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People dive into dumpsters to show how much waste big companies produce and to save things that are still good from being thrown away. Sofie, a 29-year-old from Denmark, goes dumpster diving for food. She says she doesn't spend any money on food because she finds good stuff in the trash. Seeing so much waste upsets her, so she tries to help the environment by doing this. "It's crazy to see how much good food gets thrown away," she says.

Sofie has been dumpster diving for over three years now and says it's just how she lives. Even though it might seem strange, she's never gotten sick from the food she finds. "I only take food that looks and smells okay," she says. Sofie thinks it's sad that so much food is thrown out when there are people who need it. She remembers a time when a store threw away organic tomatoes just because they had too many. She understands that the workers are just doing their jobs but thinks there should be better rules to stop so much waste.

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