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Woman Becomes Millionaire by 20 After Listing Rented Properties on Airbnb; Leaves Netizens Stunned

When asked how it happened, she said how it still feels "unreal" and she doesn't know if she has "fully processed" the whole thing. 
Cover Image Source: Woman found success with Airbnb | TikTok | @theschoolofhardknocks
Cover Image Source: Woman found success with Airbnb | TikTok | @theschoolofhardknocks

Not long ago, becoming an entrepreneur and reaching millionaire status was still considered something that a person would do after gaining years of experience as a professional if they didn't inherit generational wealth. However, people like @Inayah McMillan, who dared to tap into innovative sources of income at a young age, are proving what can be achieved with better financial planning. In a vox-pop video posted by the popular TikTok page @theschoolofhardknocks, McMillan explains how to adopt a proactive approach to building wealth. "What do you do for a living, to be able to afford a G-Wagon in Las Vegas?" asks the host to McMillan who can be seen sitting in a matt black Mercedes Benz G Wagon. 

Image Source: TikTok |
Image Source: TikTok |

"I have an Airbnb business," she says. McMillan, who has been running an Airbnb business for three years, also reveals that she made a whopping $7 million in the last financial year. The interviewer then goes on to ask if McMillan comes from money, to which she says, "I have, yes." "I used to be a nanny, and when Covid hit, all my jobs were like, we don't need you anymore, and I had bills to pay. I was down to my last $20 bill, but you know you just have to figure it out." McMillan who is now 21, became a millionaire at the age of 20. When asked how it happened, she said how it still feels "unreal" and she doesn't know if she has "fully processed" the whole thing. 

Bigwizboy_01 | TikTok
Bigwizboy_01 | TikTok

Describing her journey to achieve success through Airbnb, she said, "When we saw that it was successful for us, it was like a numbers game, the more we scale, the more money we make." When asked what was the one actionable step that broke people right now should take, McMillan says, "I think a lot of people think that they need a ton of cash, to start a business. But even for me, before I started Airbnb, I didn't know that business credit was a thing, and so I would say a lot of people are scared, that when they make a little bit of money, they want to keep it to themselves, but normally you have to reinvest back into the business," she said.

Christos Shadow | TikTok
Christos Shadow | TikTok

"I took the money and rented an Airbnb, and I have to pay the landlord every month, but the guests pay me way more."

People in the comment section were simply taken aback upon learning that Airbnb businesses can pay so much. "Airbnb can generate 7 million dollars?? Please teach me how," one user wrote while others were surprised that it was possible to rent a place and then turn it into an Airbnb. 

@theschoolofhardknocks I asked @Inayah McMillan a Las Vegas multimillionaire and entrepreneur how she became a millionaire at 20 years old. I also asked her the best advice she’d give somebody who is broke and trying to become financially free in today’s world. #wealth #financialfreedom #entrepreneur #motivation #realestate ♬ original sound - The School of Hard Knocks


Others who have already stepped into this business were shocked to hear the pace at which she achieved her goals. "It's the speed for me. I've done Airbnb for the past 7 years but her momentum is phenomenal," read another comment. 

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