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Gorgeous AI Models Making Big Money, Their Creators Describe Them As Fusion Of Humans and Machines

AI-powered digital influencers have become so popular that some human models are feeling the pressure of competing against these flawless virtual avatars.
Cover Image Source: AI-generated influencers | fit_aitana | albarenai | Instagram
Cover Image Source: AI-generated influencers | fit_aitana | albarenai | Instagram

AI models are starting to gain a lot of popularity online. Aitana Lopez is a fitness model with over 300,000 Instagram followers, whereas Emilly Pelegrini is dubbed the sexiest model in the world. Then there's Lexi Love, who earns over $30,000 a month by becoming a lonely person's companion and playing the role of the "perfect girlfriend."

Lily Rain is another virtual influencer famous for her photos from her world trips. Despite Rain's artificial intelligence creation, her followers find her images from around the globe captivating, and they don't seem to mind that she isn't real. According to Rain's inventor, she bridges a gap in the travel influencer market by creating stunning images without really traveling, which saves time and money. Plus, she can change up her photos with different seasons and trendy trips, just like a celebrity.

Image Source: fit_aitana | Instagram
Image Source: fit_aitana | Instagram

Human travel models have a large following, and they need to work hard to maintain the numbers. They spend a lot of money on beauty, vacation, and seasonal and destination-appropriate clothing. They also need to schedule their travels and adhere to a strict timetable. However, with only a few clicks from their designers, AI models like Lily Rain can appear in gorgeous images in far-off places. Rain makes roughly $20,000 a month, and if AI becomes more widely used, this number will go up.

Fanvue CEO Will Monange claims that AI creations such as Rain are increasing the platform's revenue. AI creators contributed to 15% of Fanvue's revenue, a big jump from the previous month, and this is expected to keep growing. Interestingly, AI-powered digital influencers have become so popular that some human models are feeling the pressure of competing against these flawless virtual avatars.

Image Source: albarenai | Instagram
AI model (representative image) | albarenai | Instagram

Be a Lion, a division of Mediaset Spain, created Alba Renai, who took to Instagram last fall and quickly racked up over 10,000 followers. Renai is an artificial intelligence (AI) product with a gorgeous appearance. Be a Lion used input from 350 young adults regarding the qualities they value most to create an avatar that will appeal to a broad range of users. But Alba Renai's revelation that she will be anchoring a special part on Spain's version of "Survivor" is what catapulted her to popularity. Be a Lion explained that rather than eliminating any human jobs, Alba Renai increased the number of work opportunities.

A team of 32 individuals, including AI experts, engineers, producers, filmmakers, and community managers, works directly on the Alba project. Every aspect of Alba Renai's presence is overseen and moderated by humans.

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"Alba represents a collaboration between humans and machines," explained Luis Movilla, the director of Branded Content & Experience at Be a Lion, in an interview with El Pais. He emphasized that as technology advances, humans need specific skills to effectively utilize these innovations. Be a Lion had to adjust its employees' educational plans and seek out individuals in the job market who possess expertise in innovative projects, requiring skills beyond the conventional ones.