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This Woman Unexpectedly Made Close to $15K in 25 Days From a Simple Side Hustle

Nilly's adventure began when she stumbled upon an internet video featuring a woman saying that a certain side project was "changing lives."
Image Source: Woman shows how much you can earn through affiliate marketing | | TikTok
Image Source: Woman shows how much you can earn through affiliate marketing | | TikTok

Nilly ( found a method to make £12,000 ($14,979.66) in just 25 days without really trying. On her TikTok channel, she recently revealed the details of her unexpected road towards financial success. Nilly's adventure began when she stumbled upon a video in which a woman is talking about a certain side project that was "changing lives."

Nilly wasn't sure at first. The woman's weekly earnings appeared too good to be true—they matched Nilly's annual pay! Nonetheless, Nilly decided to try it. She had attempted several side projects in the past, but not had much luck. She decided to give affiliate marketing a go in the hopes of making an extra £400 ($499.32) per month.

Image Source: | TikTok
Image Source: | TikTok

The surprising thing is that Nilly had no prior experience with affiliate marketing. To gain knowledge, she decided to enroll in a three-day course on digital marketing. It proved to be just what she required. What Nilly discovered over those three days astounded her. She learned that the main focus of affiliate marketing is online product promotion for other people.

This is how it operates: Nilly receives a commission if someone clicks on a link she posts about a product on social media and purchases the item. Nilly didn't initially profit from it. However, as soon as she started talking about online affiliate marketing, a lot of people became intrigued. Selling the same course to others was Nilly's clever way of making some extra money.

At least 10 times a day, she would receive about £80 ($99.86) in commission. She said, "I knew I was making money, but I didn't exactly know how much." But she was in for a surprise. Imagine Nilly's surprise when, after just 15 days, she found a whopping £12,000 ($14,979.66) sitting in her PayPal account! "At my regular job, it would've taken me six months to earn that much," she said.

Image Source: | TikTok
Image Source: | TikTok

Her video has taken TikTok by storm, with an impressive 320,000 views. People are buzzing about Nilly's side hustle, rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts. Some viewers were inspired by the video and encouraged to try affiliate marketing.

Image Source: | TikTok
Image Source: | TikTok

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