Riley Keough Agrees To Pay $1 Million Along With Legal Fee To Settle Trust Dispute With Priscilla Presley

Riley Keough Agrees To Pay $1 Million Along With Legal Fee To Settle Trust Dispute With Priscilla Presley
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In a recent development in the trust dispute surrounding late Lisa Marie Presley's estate, Riley Keough, Lisa Marie's daughter and Priscilla Presley's granddaughter, has agreed to pay Priscilla over $1 million as part of a settlement. The settlement includes an additional $400,000 to cover Priscilla's legal fees, according to Page Six. This agreement allows Riley to become the sole trustee of her mother's estate, and the payments will be made after she receives the proceeds from her mother's life insurance policy.

The court documents, filed in Los Angeles, reveal that Priscilla was officially removed as the trustee of Lisa Marie's estate on May 11, paving the way for Riley to take over.

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Image Source: GettyImages/Rick Diamond
Image Source: GettyImages/Rick Diamond


Both parties initially agreed to keep the settlement details confidential, resulting in most mentions of the agreed-upon payout being redacted from the filings. However, a small mention of the settlement amount was made towards the end of the 95-page document. Despite the confidentiality surrounding the settlement, it is now known that Priscilla will receive a substantial sum from the agreement.

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Priscilla Presley's plea to be laid to rest beside her late husband Elvis Presley, has been rejected. It was revealed during the negotiation discussions. This revelation brings attention to the intricate dynamics and emotional dimensions of the trust dispute within the family. The representatives of Priscilla and Riley have refrained from commenting on the settlement.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Keystone
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Keystone

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Following the news of the settlement, Priscilla Presley provided a written statement to Page Six, stating that the family had resolved the confusion and plea to the court after Lisa Marie's passing. She emphasized that there was never a lawsuit filed against her beloved granddaughter, expressing the family's relief at resolving the matter together. Priscilla also requested privacy for the family to grieve and spend personal time together, expressing gratitude and love for their supporters.

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Image Source: Getty images | Jon Kopaloff


Riley Keough's lawyer, Justin Gold, shared with CNN that his client was content with the agreement reached. While Riley has not made any public statements regarding the settlement or the dispute itself, a friend of Lisa Marie revealed to Page Six that Priscilla's efforts were perceived as a "money grab."

The trust dispute led to a reported rift between Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley, with sources claiming that the two women were not on speaking terms. The Insider revealed that their relationship was changing, which was particularly challenging for Riley during this time of loss. The legal proceedings and the different positions taken by family members undoubtedly strained their bond.

The settlement between Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley brings an end to the trust dispute surrounding Lisa Marie Presley's estate. With Riley set to become the sole trustee, the agreement includes a significant financial payout to Priscilla, along with coverage of her legal fees. While the exact details of the settlement were initially kept confidential, it has come to light that Priscilla will receive over $1 million.

Despite the challenges, both Priscilla and Riley expressed their satisfaction with the settlement, hoping for privacy and time to grieve as a family. The resolution of the dispute marks an opportunity for healing and moving forward for the Presley family.


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