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Kevin Costner Mortgages 10-Acre Oceanfront Home In Santa Barbara To Fund $100M Passion Project 'Horizon'

Costner's 18-year marriage ended amid rumors that his ex-wife had had enough of his work commitments.
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Samuel de Roman
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Samuel de Roman

Actor-filmmaker Kevin Costner has embarked on an ambitious and risky journey to bring his long-awaited Western movie franchise, "Horizon", to life. And to make that happen, he has mortgaged his prized 10-acre coastal property in Santa Barbara, California. 

This property was originally intended to be his family home. However, Costner decided to leverage it to finance the development of Horizon as he firmly believes in the idea and the story and his craft. This bold move allowed him to contribute up to $50 million towards the project. 

Source: Tommaso Boddi  Stringer/ Getty Images
Source: Tommaso Boddi Stringer/ Getty Images

An expensive dream

With Horizon's budget reaching an estimated $100 million, Costner took a personal and financial risk by mortgaging his valuable coastal property. As a passionate storyteller, Costner's decision stems from his deep belief in the movie's potential. He is willing to invest his own wealth to turn his vision into a reality. Despite the potential risks involved, Costner's determination to see the Horizon movie franchise come to life outweighs any financial concerns.

Source: Neilson Barnard  Staff
Source: Neilson Barnard Staff

Costner's Passion Project Takes Shape

Costner's "Horizon" has been a passion project for over three decades. Starting with an idea in 1988, Costner's vision for an epic Western film evolved into a four-part movie series. Despite setbacks and delays, his dedication to the project never wavered. His previous success with "Dances With Wolves", which won seven Oscars, further fueled his desire to tell compelling stories. "Horizon" promises to be an ambitious undertaking, with an extensive cast, a storyline spanning the Civil War, and a considerable budget. 

Source:  Frederick M. Brown  Stringer
Source: Frederick M. Brown Stringer

Personal Investment in the Horizon Movies

Costner's personal investment in the Horizon movies goes beyond mortgaging this property. He has foregone all fees for acting, writing, directing, and producing the series, showing his commitment to the project's success. By risking his own wealth and reputation, Costner aligns his personal interests with the film's artistic vision. This level of dedication and personal investment highlights his belief in the power of storytelling and his desire to create an unforgettable cinematic experience for the audiences.

Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez /Staff
Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez /Staff


Marriage Breakdown and the End of Yellowstone

The journey of bringing the Horizon movies to life has not been without personal and professional collisions for Kevin Costner. Two significant events that occurred during the development of this ambitious project were the breakdown of his marriage and the conclusion of his role in the hit TV series Yellowstone.


The demands of bringing Horizon to fruition undoubtedly took a toll on his personal life. Costner's 18-year marriage ended amid rumors that his ex-wife had had enough of his work commitments.

During the production of the Horizon movies, Costner's involvement in the hit TV series Yellowstone came to an end. It represented a turning point in his career, where he could fully commit to his passion project without any professional conflicts. Reports indicated that Yellowstone encountered filming schedule challenges as Kevin Costner's limited availability during the latter part of Season 5 allegedly caused disruptions, with claims of him being "difficult to work with" for agreeing to film only for one week.

Source: Frederick M. Brown  Stringer
Source: Frederick M. Brown Stringer

In the end, only time will tell if Kevin Costner's sacrifice, personal investment, and years of persistence will pay off. As audiences eagerly await the release of the first Horizon movie, they will witness the culmination of an extraordinary journey that started decades ago. Whether the Horizon franchise becomes a crowning achievement or a cautionary tale, Costner's unwavering commitment to his Hollywood dream is a testament to the unwavering spirit of a true storyteller.