Outrage Ensues Over Restaurant's Miscalculated Tipping Suggestions on Receipt

Outrage Ensues Over Restaurant's Miscalculated Tipping Suggestions on Receipt
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In a recent incident, a receipt from a local Hawaiian restaurant sparked outrage and confusion after tipping suggestions failed to add up. Shared on Reddit, by user u/ForeverNugu, the receipt's mathematical discrepancies have ignited discussions about the tipping culture prevalent in the United States.

Reddit | r/ForeverNugu
Reddit | u/ForeverNugu | r/EndTipping

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The receipt, posted on the r/EndTipping subreddit, highlighted tipping suggestions that seemed incongruous with the bill's actual total. With a subtotal of $14.99 and a tax of $1.24, the suggested tip amounts appeared to be based on a $20 bill, rather than the actual $16.23 total. This anomaly left many scratching their heads and questioning the restaurant's calculation methods.

"This is from my local counter service Hawaiian restaurant," the user shared in her post, describing the establishment's offerings as simple take-out fare. "These percentages make no sense."

Reddit | r/ForeverNugu
Image Source: Reddit | r/ForeverNugu

The receipt's discrepancies didn't go unnoticed by Reddit users, who chimed in with their observations and critiques. Concerns were raised about the underlying implications of the restaurant's tipping suggestions. One user suggested, "Good thing you didn't pay with a $100 bill…". Another user said, "Ha! They would say 'You don't need change back?'"

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Someone else expressed dissatisfaction with the situation, bluntly stating, "Unacceptable math. Give them a big fat zero." A different user accused the establishment of attempting to manipulate customers into overpaying, another urged action, suggesting that patrons confront the owner and leave public reviews to address the issue. 

Pexels | Photo by Antoni Shkraba
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Antoni Shkraba

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Tipping culture has long been a topic of debate, with proponents arguing for its importance in compensating service workers and detractors decrying its quasi-compulsory nature. The receipt incident has reignited discussions about the transparency of pricing and the need to move away from a system that relies heavily on gratuities.

In response to the controversy, some Reddit users advocated for greater accountability in the restaurant industry. They called for clearer pricing structures and expressed frustration with establishments that employ deceptive tactics to inflate tips.

Reddit | r/ForeverNugu
Image Source: Reddit | r/ForeverNugu | r/EndTipping

While this incident may seem trivial on the surface, it underscores broader issues surrounding tipping culture and consumer awareness. As more individuals become conscious of their rights as consumers there is a growing demand for fair and equitable treatment in commercial transactions.

Meanwhile, one user criticized the restaurant's point-of-sale system, quipping, "That is one shitty POS system. (Redundant?)." "I’m a computer programmer for a living. Computers are very good at doing exactly what they’re told, but they also have no common sense," a user wrote.

"I just don’t understand this system at all — why would they need to log the total cash tendered, and write out the change due on the receipt? And then how on god’s green earth are they calculating the tip based on the tendered cash? Like I said, I don’t get it," added another.

"They're trying to trick you into giving up your change AND giving them more money on top," said a different user.


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