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Social Media User Gets Fired for Delays Caused by His Life-Saving Act; Netizens Show Solidarity

The incident has prompted a widespread discussion on workplace ethics, compassion, and the treatment of employees.
Cover Image Source: Social media user gets fired after life-saving act (representative image) | Unsplash | Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde
Cover Image Source: Social media user gets fired after life-saving act (representative image) | Unsplash | Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde

In a society where acts of heroism are celebrated and revered, the recent incident involving a Reddit user losing their job for performing a life-saving act has ignited a firestorm of outrage and disbelief. The story, shared by the user qirad on Reddit, has struck a chord with thousands, prompting a widespread discussion on workplace ethics, compassion, and the treatment of employees. The narrative began innocuously enough with qirad in their work uniform en route to their job when a fellow commuter suddenly collapsed. Without hesitation, qirad sprang into action, drawing upon their First Aid and CPR training to administer life-saving measures. However, what followed was a sequence of events that would ultimately lead to qirad's termination.

Image Source: Reddit | r/antiwork
Image Source: Reddit | r/antiwork

The delay caused by qirad's intervention, compounded by the arrival of emergency services and the subsequent halting of train services due to biohazard concerns resulted in qirad being late for work. Upon arrival, instead of being met with understanding and commendation for their heroic efforts, qirad was met with the shocking news of their termination. The reason cited? The perceived negative image of qirad performing CPR in their work uniform.

The Reddit post documenting this ordeal swiftly gained traction, drawing the ire and condemnation of thousands of users who expressed their support for qirad and vehemently criticized the employer's decision. Many characterized it as heartless and unjust, emphasizing the need for recognition and support rather than punishment for acts of bravery and selflessness.

Image Source: Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA production |Pexels
Employee after being fired (representative image) | Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA production | Pexels

The overwhelming response from the online community was not merely one of solidarity but also one of action. Suggestions poured in, ranging from reaching out to local news agencies to raise awareness about the injustice to exploring legal avenues for redress. However, qirad's situation was complicated by labor laws, particularly as a casual worker, which imposed significant limitations on their ability to challenge the termination. Despite the challenges and constraints they faced, qirad remained steadfast in their pursuit of justice while also maintaining their privacy. They expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from strangers online but remained cautious about revealing personal information or pursuing legal action that could compromise their anonymity.

One user commented, "I'd figure out a way to make this go public as it could make the company look really bad. HR is creating a very apathetic work environment if they're firing you over saving a life."

Image Source: Reddit | BuffalowRoams
Image Source: Reddit | BuffalowRoams

Many users also shared similar experiences. One user wrote, "I had kind of a similar thing happen to me like 10 years ago. I was biking to work one day when a car turned and cleaned me out. Classic movie stuff, face planted on the hood, bike and myself go spiraling over it to land on the other side of the car. A nice guy who saw the whole thing offered to give me a ride to urgent care to get checked out, but I was in shock and told him I just needed to get to work. So he loaded my mangled bike into his trunk and drove me to work, telling me the whole time that I really needed to get checked out because I was pretty beaten up. Got fired for being late."

Image Source: Reddit | chronberries
Image Source: Reddit | chronberries

As per a recent Gallup report, just one in three Americans is currently engaged at work, marking a decline that has persisted for several years. Lack of role clarity, ineffective management, and lack of feedback were cited as the main reasons for low engagement and consequently, low employee retention.