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Social Media Star Draws Flak for Volunteering Without Pay at Walmart, Dollar Tree, and More

Some viewers pointed out that while ugh_madison receives a lot of views, not all of her videos earn as many likes...
UPDATED MAR 12, 2024
Cover Image Source: Ugh_madison | TikTok 
Cover Image Source: Ugh_madison | TikTok 

Ugh_madison has become quite popular on TikTok, with around 330,000 followers and over 19 million likes on her videos. She's gained this following by doing some unconventional things like volunteering to work for free at places like Walmart and Kroger, staying too long at buffet restaurants, and even sprucing up the bathroom at Taco Bell. But not everyone is a fan of Madison's content. Some people on Reddit have shared their thoughts about her calling her a "weirdo."

Image Source: Ugh_madison | TikTok 
Image Source: Ugh_madison | TikTok 

On TikTok Gossip, users have been discussing ugh_madison's content and sharing their opinions about her. One user expressed their dislike for Madison, particularly criticizing her recent trend of working at minimum wage jobs for free. They mentioned that many comments praising her for being "charitable" seem to have disappeared and they find her actions strange. They also mentioned instances where she acts obnoxiously to get kicked out of stores or restaurants, only to tip the staff large amounts of money afterward. Overall, they find her behavior odd and suspect that she might be seeking attention or fame through these actions.

Image Source:
Image Source: Ugh_madison | TikTok 

Some viewers pointed out that while ugh_madison receives a lot of views, not all of her videos earn as many likes, implying that her efforts may not yield the intended results. Commenters were also surprised that she hadn't been barred from any locations yet, especially given her activities such as lingering in places for extended periods without paying anything. Some people labeled her and her boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) as "weird" but they said they aren't concerned by her material, seeing it as just another aspect of TikTok's unique environment.

Image Source: Ugh_madison | TikTok 
Image Source: Ugh_madison | TikTok 

One user stated that they appreciate Madison's films about her buffet excursions but ignore the ones where she "works for free." In one recent remarkable video, ugh_madison went viral after completing a marathon inside a Costco store.

Ugh_madison's fame demonstrates how being innovative and doing things differently may help you stand out online. She does unusual things like work for free at stores and spend extended periods in buffet restaurants. This causes people to discuss her and consider what is acceptable online behavior. In a world where everyone creates content, being unique is essential. Ugh_madison's success shows that being unique and attempting new things may help you gain attention and establish a fanbase. Being creative, however, presents its own set of obstacles. Ugh_madison receives both positive and negative criticism for what she does. She must exercise caution and avoid upsetting others. Finding the correct mix of being exciting and being responsible is important to keep your audience happy and avoid problems with the platform you're using.


I went to a random dollar tree and tried working there for free

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Ugh_madison has received internet criticism, with some characterizing her as "weird" even though many people enjoy her unusual style. Dealing with this criticism can be difficult for creators like her, undermining both their confidence and audience engagement.

You can follow Madison (@ugh madison) on TikTok for similar unconventional content.