Boss's Insensitivity Towards Employee's Grief Prompts Online Backlash

Boss's Insensitivity Towards Employee's Grief Prompts Online Backlash
Cover Image Source: Employee frustrated with boss's response (representative image) | Photo by Karolina Grabowska | Pexels

A Reddit user recently posted a story about her boss criticizing her for missing work because her father passed away in an intensive care unit. The woman shared her boss's message, where the boss acknowledged the employee's situation but also explained the importance of having enough resources to keep the business running smoothly amidst the current circumstances.

"My dad died, and I've missed some work. He was in the ICU for two weeks, so I missed quite a bit of work. I get that it's not ideal. But I called in today. And this is the response I get," the user wrote.

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"I've been understanding, but you need to realize that if you want to be a groomer, you need to be present every day. It's easier when I just have to open and close, but when I have to rearrange appointments for dogs as frequently as I've had to, it becomes very challenging," the boss wrote to the employee.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels
Employee decides to quit (representative image) | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels

The boss also mentioned that she would have preferred to have this conversation in person rather than through text messages, but felt compelled to address it this way. "While you're off today, take some time to think about what position will be best for you. We all face difficulties, but regardless, you need to show up every day. I apologize if this seems harsh, but I have a business to run. I would normally prefer not to have this conversation over text, but it seems necessary at the moment," she added.

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The Reddit post gained significant attention, with many users criticizing the boss' message to the employee. "Don't resign from this job! Make them terminate your employment. Ensure you keep records of all your text conversations! Also, consider getting an email address so you can communicate with them through email. Keep records of all responses," one user said. 

Image Source: viviana1994 | Reddit
Image Source: viviana1994 | Reddit

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"Your boss is demonstrating poor leadership. They are unable to handle their responsibilities and unexpected situations. This is not your fault, and you shouldn't feel guilty during your time of loss. Employees are not meant to be consistently available; that's the nature of human life, which is complex. If her cash register malfunctioned, she would find a solution. This situation is no different," another user commented.

Image Source: viviana1994 | Reddit
Image Source: viviana1994 | Reddit

This incident is not the first time an employee has been taken aback by their boss's behavior. A few months ago, another Reddit user shared a story about quitting their job after their boss refused to grant sick leave without a doctor's note. An employee shared a conversation with their boss on Reddit, where they requested a day off for feeling unwell. "I hate to do this, but I woke up with cold sweats," the employee messaged their boss on WhatsApp, explaining that they were experiencing fever and pain. The boss replied, asking for a doctor's note for the leave, stating, "Please get a doctor's note for an excused absence."

Photo by Tim Gouw | Pexels
Bad behavior of bosses often lead employees to resign (representative image) | Photo by Tim Gouw | Pexels

The employee explained that they hadn't seen a doctor in three years due to financial constraints, mentioning they couldn't afford a visit even for a fever. They also highlighted their low earnings, questioning if the company covered doctor's visits. The boss insisted that if it was just a fever, the employee should come to work. This led the employee to resign immediately.


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