Salt Bae's 'Obscenely Expensive' Burger Joint Shuts After Being Labeled New York's 'Worst Restaurant'

Salt Bae's 'Obscenely Expensive' Burger Joint Shuts After Being Labeled New York's 'Worst Restaurant'
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Salt Bae Burger, a restaurant owned by internet sensation Nusret Gökçe widely known as Salt Bae, has closed its doors in New York City after receiving the title of the "Worst Restaurant in New York". Despite Gökçe's massive online following and successful steakhouse chain, the Salt Bae Burger failed to live up to expectations, resulting in its abrupt closure, according to The US Sun.

Image Source: GettyImages/Mark Thompson
Image Source: GettyImages/Mark Thompson

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Salt Bae gained fame for his unique style of seasoning meat that captivated millions around the world. Building on this success, he opened numerous high-end restaurants where customers were willing to pay top dollar for their meals. Unfortunately, the same level of success was not replicated at Salt Bae Burger in New York City. Situated at 220 Park Avenue South, the restaurant recently shut down, leaving behind disappointed patrons and negative reviews.


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Recent reports indicate that Salt Bae Burger is allegedly preparing for relocation to 412 West 15th Street, the current address of Nusr-Et Steakhouse, a renowned global chain owned by Gökçe. This development implies that Gökçe intends to unite his brands, possibly aiming to revitalize the burger concept by placing it within the thriving framework of his well-established steakhouse empire.


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Before its closure, Salt Bae Burger faced scathing criticism from both customers and food critics for being "obscenely expensive" and average. The menu featured exorbitantly priced items such as a $99 milkshake, $180 signature sandwiches, and a $100 golden burger. The customers found the food to be lacking in flavor and quality. The truffle fries, for instance, failed to impress, with some claiming they were indistinguishable from regular fries and lacked the desired crispiness.

Critics went as far as comparing the restaurant unfavorably to the popular Black Tap burger chain.


A Contrast to Nusr-Et Steakhouse

The negative reception of Salt Bae Burger comes as a surprise, considering the success of Nusr-Et Steakhouse and its 20 international locations. However, it is important to note that Nusret Gökçe has faced backlash in the past for his high prices and subpar food. For instance, his avocado burger received severe criticism, with food enthusiasts claiming it insulted both vegans and meat eaters.


When contacted by The Sun, Nusr-Et Steakhouse declined to comment on the closure of Salt Bae Burger. It remains unclear whether this move is part of a larger restructuring strategy or if the burger concept will cease to exist entirely.

The closure of Salt Bae Burger in New York City has been met with mixed reactions. While some may see it as a necessary step to address the restaurant's shortcomings, others view it as a missed opportunity for improvement. Even renowned figures in the culinary world can face setbacks and challenges. Only time will tell if Salt Bae Burger will make a comeback or if it will remain a cautionary tale in the restaurant industry.


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