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Gen Z are Making the Most of the Gig Economy; Here's how it has Evolved After the Pandemic

Dog walking to content creation, this generation has tried everything to make that extra buck!
Cover Image Source: Gen Z is embracing the gig economy (representative image) | Photo by Helena Lopes | Pexels
Cover Image Source: Gen Z is embracing the gig economy (representative image) | Photo by Helena Lopes | Pexels

Wages are not rising at the same pace as prices across America, and as making ends meet becomes harder, an increasing number of people are taking on side jobs. Among them are Gen Z who are particularly enthusiastic about opportunities in the gig economy. During the pandemic, regular occupations and activities were disrupted leading to an unstable economy, and here's how the world can adapt.

Image Source: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels
Gen Z is embracing the gig economy (representative image) | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels

Over half of Gen Zers have at least one side gig, per a LendingTree survey. They are being forced to work hard due to growing costs and the pandemic's economic fallout. They're in a terrific position to tell us everything there is to know about the world of side hustles because they're used to making additional money this way. Many of the profitable activities that people engage in nowadays are merely sophisticated forms of traditional part-time work. Teens have been baby sitting for decades to get some extra cash. The main difference now is that at present, the youth may be using the earnings from this side job on necessities like rent and bills and not on treats.

Furthermore, finding a job as a babysitter or pet sitter is now simpler than ever thanks to smartphone apps. For hustlers, this means more opportunities. Some people may even manage several pet-sitting gigs in a given week. You'll have a busy workweek if you include other side gigs like content creation, counseling, or virtual assistance. Because of this, a large portion of Generation Z depends on additional money to get by.

Earning more by working for a short time

Gen Zers make over $1,500 a month on average from their side projects. This figure may increase significantly if they are managing many jobs concurrently. These hustlers occasionally experience unanticipated success that continues to expand even after leaving their usual full-time work. For instance, if someone launches a successful podcast, they begin to make a ton of money from sponsorships and advertisements. Then, to garner even more support from their listeners, they might go one step further and start a merchandise store.

Image Source: Photo by Christina Morillo | pexels
Gen Zers make over $1,500 a month on average from their side projects (representative image) | Photo by Christina Morillo | Pexels

The Gen Z generation is well aware that not every job is worthwhile. Although responding to surveys may seem simple, it frequently takes a lot of effort and pays relatively little. What about websites for independent contractors? They offer little more than cents. Hence, it's wiser to concentrate on side gigs like dog walking, web design, coaching, photography, and writing.

Many Gen Zers have been let down by traditional employment. Therefore, in an attempt to have more control and flexibility in their lives, they are turning to side gigs. It's similar to being their own boss. Although there have always been flaws in the corporate sector, many young people aren't content to accept that. They are advocating for change and focusing more on their side projects, some of which they initiated during the pandemic shutdowns. As the world opens up for the gig economy, policy changes as well as new hiring practices are also expected to follow suite.