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Consumers File Lawsuit Against LG and Kenmore Over High-Cost Refrigerator Failures

Alleging fraudulent practices, consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against the enterprises.
Cover Image Source: Expensive Fridges | Pexels | Photo by Max Rahubovskiy
Cover Image Source: Expensive Fridges | Pexels | Photo by Max Rahubovskiy

Betsy Anderson of Redwood City, California, had been facing troubles with her overpriced electrical appliances. Little did she know her experience was part of a larger issue faced by numerous owners of LG and Kenmore fridges nationwide. The problem has escalated to the point where frustrated consumers are taking legal action against the manufacturers, alleging fraud in a class-action lawsuit.

Image Source: Grace Carry/Getty Images
Image Source: Photo by Grace Carry | Getty Images

Anderson's woes began when she bought a $2,800 Kenmore Elite fridge, equipped with an LG compressor, which failed just 15 months after purchase. Despite filing for warranty service, she faced a nightmare of replacement parts failing and service calls being canceled, eventually ending up with a dysfunctional fridge. Forced to take matters into her own hands, Anderson purchased another fridge, this time a brand-new LG, only to find herself in a Groundhog Day scenario as the appliance gave up the ghost after four years of use.

However, Anderson is not alone. An investigation into the Responds complaint database revealed numerous complaints from disgruntled LG and Kenmore appliance owners across the country. Terese in Philadelphia faced a fridge failure after only seven months, while Bernadette in San Diego witnessed seven technician visits in a fruitless attempt to fix her fridge.

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The severity of this issue prompted Los Angeles attorney Azar Mouzari to file a federal lawsuit against LG, representing plaintiffs who believe they have fallen victim to a defective linear compressor inside LG and Kenmore refrigerators. LG claims a 10-year warranty and boasts online about a '20-year durability,' but the lawsuit argues that the compressor breaks down much earlier and that the company is well aware of this fact.

Mouzari is pushing for class-action status for the lawsuit, claiming that thousands of families are dealing with the same refrigerator breakdown issue. The lawsuit accuses LG of fraud, asserting that the company is misleading consumers by producing a linear compressor that fails to live up to its claimed durability.

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Polina Tankilevitch
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

The attorney further points fingers at major retail stores that sold LG and Kenmore refrigerators, alleging they were aware of the issues but continued to sell the faulty appliances. With over 100 plaintiffs already involved in the lawsuit, Mouzari is seeking extended warranties of up to 20 years for affected consumers and refunds for those who purchased a defective LG or Kenmore fridge after 2018.

When contacted by NBC, LG declined to comment on the pending litigation, stating that they are fighting the lawsuit in court. Moreover, LG settled a previous class-action lawsuit in 2018 but continues to face legal challenges. On the other hand, Kenmore stated that it no longer sells refrigerators with an LG compressor.

As the lawsuit gains traction, Anderson and other affected consumers hope for a resolution that goes beyond legal battles. They are calling for LG to make amends, including recalls for faulty appliances, similar to the actions taken by the automotive industry. For now, the outcome of the lawsuit remains uncertain, but optimism among the consumers persists.