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Top Wealthiest NFL Players in 2023

Explore the financial prowess of the NFL's top players who've turned on-field success into impressive fortunes.
Houston Texans vs. New Orleans Saints| Getty Images | Photo by Wesley Hitt
Houston Texans vs. New Orleans Saints| Getty Images | Photo by Wesley Hitt
Getty Images | Photo by Wesley Hitt
Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints | Getty Images | Photo by Wesley Hitt

In the world of sports, the gridiron has long been synonymous with incredible athleticism and jaw-dropping touchdowns. However, beyond the roar of the crowd and the highlight-reel plays lies another dimension of success that often goes unnoticed—the remarkable financial achievements of NFL players. Welcome to a journey that transcends the boundaries of the football field and delves into the boardrooms, ventures, and investments of these players.

1. Jerry Richardson

Getty Images | Photo by Al Messerschmidt
Jerry Richardson at  Carolina Panthers vs. Miami Dolphins | Getty Images | Photo by Al Messerschmidt

At the pinnacle of the list of the wealthiest NFL players stands Jerry Richardson, former owner of the Carolina Panthers. With a remarkable net worth of $2 billion, Richardson, who played as a halfback in the late 1950s, didn't amass his financial success solely from football. Instead, he leveraged his earnings through Hardee's franchises, with his initial establishment in 1961. Gradually attaining 50% ownership of Hardee's and diversifying into various businesses, Richardson's wealth flourished. His financial acumen culminated in the establishment of the Carolina Panthers in 1993, an accomplishment shared by only two NFL players who have ever owned a franchise.

2. Roger Staubach

Getty Images | Photo by Wesley Hitt
Roger Staubach at  Washington Football Team vs. Dallas Cowboys | Getty Images | Photo by Wesley Hitt

Sitting at an impressive net worth of $600 million, Roger Staubach defies expectations as a prosperous NFL figure. Renowned as the former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and a two-time Super Bowl champion, Staubach's illustrious 10-year career concluded in 1979. While his Cowboys tenure contributed to his wealth, the bulk of his riches sprang from diverse business ventures. Notably, his partnership with the Staubach Company, a real estate enterprise, resulted in a substantial $613 million sale in 2008. Beyond the football field, Staubach's financial portfolio expanded through endorsements, advertisements, and his role as a color commentator. Staubach's journey reflects the remarkable potential for NFL players to amass significant wealth both within and beyond their sports careers.

3. Fran Tarkenton

Getty Images | Photo by Chip Somodevilla
Fran Tarkenton at Republican National Convention | Getty Images | Photo by Chip Somodevilla

Fran Tarkenton, with a substantial net worth of $300 million, proves that NFL success extends beyond the field. The quarterback's 18-season career, notably with the Minnesota Vikings, led to three Super Bowl appearances. His retirement in 1978 solidified him as a top quarterback. Remarkably, Tarkenton excelled post-football by venturing into computer software with Tarkenton Ware, amassing significant wealth. He's authored books, invested in Apple, and owns a flourishing financial planning business. Tarkenton's journey showcases how NFL greats can translate on-field prowess into enduring financial triumphs.

4. Tom Brady

Getty Images | Photo by Jon Kopaloff
Tom Brady at Los Angeles Premiere Screening Of Paramount Pictures' "80 For Brady" | Getty Images | Photo by Jon Kopaloff

Tom Brady, an NFL icon often hailed as the GOAT, boasts a remarkable $300 million net worth. Notable for his 19-year New England Patriots tenure, he clinched six Super Bowl triumphs, adding another with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, tallying an astounding seven wins. Entering his 23rd NFL season, Brady's resolute pursuit of victory remains steadfast, despite fleeting retirement thoughts. In 2022, Forbes revealed his staggering $75 million earnings, driven by a hefty salary and lucrative off-field ventures with elite brands like Aston Martin, Under Armour, and Tag Heuer. Sacrificing higher pay, Brady directed $60 million toward bolstering the Patriots' competitiveness, solidifying his legacy as an all-time great.

5. Peyton Manning

Getty Images | Photo by Megan Briggs
Peyton Manning at  Clemson vs. Tennessee | Getty Images | Photo by Megan Briggs

Peyton Manning, with a notable net worth of $250 million, is a household name across the United States. His remarkable legacy comprises two Super Bowl victories and 14 Pro Bowl selections. Manning's storied career predominantly unfolded as the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, later transitioning to the Denver Broncos for a few seasons. Parallel to his brother Eli, Manning's penchant for endorsements amplified his wealth, encompassing collaborations with prominent entities like ESPN and MasterCard. Notably, Manning's entrepreneurial spirit thrived as he once owned 31 Papa John's franchises, and in recent years, he ventured into emerging trends, such as investments in NFTs. Manning's journey reflects a multifaceted approach to financial success, blending his illustrious football career with strategic business ventures.

6. John Madden

Getty Images | Photo by Robert B. Stanton
John Madden at Arizona Cardinals vs. Oakland Raiders | Getty Images | Photo by Robert B. Stanton

John Madden, with a substantial net worth of $200 million, stands as one of football's most renowned coaches. Beyond his coaching legacy, few realize his earlier stint as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad during the 1958 season. While his coaching career yielded substantial earnings, it was his association with the iconic "Madden" game franchise by EA Sports that propelled his financial prosperity. His annual earnings from the franchise reportedly reached an impressive $14 million. Notably, Madden's financial endeavors extended to broadcasting, where he commanded substantial sums for his presence. His presence was felt in diverse commercial endorsements for brands like Verizon Wireless, Miller Lite, and Outback Steakhouse. Madden's multifaceted journey through football, gaming, and broadcasting epitomizes the path to financial success in the sports world.

7. Steve Young

Getty Images | Photo by Wesley Hitt
Steve Young  at Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers | Getty Images | Photo by Wesley Hitt

Steve Young, amassing an impressive net worth of $200 million, emerges as another standout quarterback. He notably spent 13 out of his 15 seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, clinching three Super Bowl victories. Remarkably, two of these triumphs were achieved while Young served as a backup behind the legendary Joe Montana, yet he led the charge and secured Super Bowl XXIX, securing the Super Bowl MVP accolade. While Young earned considerable wealth on the field, his post-retirement endeavors were the cornerstone of his financial success. Co-founding the private equity firm Huntsman Gay Global Capital propelled his prosperity, with the firm presently boasting nearly $7 billion in cumulative capital commitments and an impressive track record of transactions exceeding $68 billion since 2005.

8. Aaron Rodgers

Getty Images | Photo by Mike Stobe
Aaron Rodgers at New York Jets vs. New York Giants  | Getty Images | Photo by Mike Stobe

Aaron Rodgers, with a substantial net worth of $200 million, made a lasting impact after being drafted 24th overall by the Green Bay Packers in 2005. Rising from a backup role to NFL luminary Brett Favre, Rodgers took the helm in 2008. In just three years, he steered the Packers to a Super Bowl victory, triumphing 31-25 over the Pittsburgh Steelers. As one of the game's finest quarterbacks, Rodgers boasts a career earnings exceeding $260 million. Setting an NFL record, his current annual salary stands at $50,271,667, further augmented by endorsements from prominent brands like Adidas and State Farm. Impressively, Rodgers's wealth extends to ownership of a share in the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks.

9. Eli Manning

Getty Images | Photo by Jeff Bottari
Eli Manning at LAS VEGAS, NEVADA | Getty Images | Photo by Jeff Bottari

Eli Manning, with a substantial net worth of approximately $160 million, boasts an impressive fortune. Drafted by the New York Giants in 2004 after his University of Mississippi attendance, Manning devoted his entire career to the franchise before retiring in January 2020. Under his leadership, the Giants secured two Super Bowl victories, with Manning earning Super Bowl MVP honors twice. His football salary alone reached $252.3 million, positioning him as history's highest-earning NFL player at the time. Since retirement, Manning has sustained his financial success through lucrative broadcasting contracts, partnering with prominent entities such as ESPN.

10. Russell Wilson 

Getty Images | Photo by Tyler Schank
Russell Wilson  at Los Angeles Rams vs. Denver Broncos | Getty Images | Photo by Tyler Schank

With a net worth of about $165 million, Russell Wilson ranks as the 10th wealthiest NFL player. Presently quarterbacking for the Denver Broncos, he's navigating a challenging season. Despite this, Wilson's dominance on the field with the Seattle Seahawks, including a Super Bowl victory in 2014, remains memorable. The Denver Broncos secured him with a massive $242,588,236 5-year contract, equating to around $49 million annually. Wilson's sizeable fortune is further amplified by lucrative endorsements from brands like Nike and Amazon, showcasing his adeptness at combining sporting prowess and endorsements for significant financial success.