Top Travel Destinations Where You Can Buy A House For $1; Conditions Apply

Top Travel Destinations Where You Can Buy A House For  $1; Conditions Apply
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A lot of us set different goals that we want to achieve by a certain age. One investment that tops everybody's list is buying their dream home. While real estate comes with the pressure of EMIs, there are other ways to buy homes at cheaper rates. Sometimes governments also give away houses for throwaway prices in efforts to revitalize economy.

Here's a list of such locations where you can get a home for $1!

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Tokyo, Japan



In Tokyo, there exists a handful of houses for less than a dollar in today's day and age. You might be able to score a decent property in the heart of Greater Tokyo. Keep in mind that all houses that come at this price will need complete renovation. 

Japanese Countryside

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There are plenty of vacant areas in the Japanese countryside and you can get a house for less than a dollar, some are even free. 

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Toronto, Canada



Recently, a three-bedroom apartment was listed on the market for $1.

Rustic Village of Bivona, Sicily



A number of homes in this region are available for sale. Italy has been trying to repopulate its sleepy villages and Bivona is no exception.

Downtown Detroit, USA



The recession has hurt Detroit badly. In the US, there's an official dollar home program under which homes are available across cities for a dollar, with a condition that buyers pick up the renovation costs.

Buffalo, New York



You can buy a one-dollar home by participating in Buffalo's Urban Homestead Program, which allows everyone to move in right away. 

Sambuca, Italy Countryside



You can choose to live a European dream as long as you are up for some heavy renovation work, as per CNN. 

Missouri, USA



Yes, you can now buy your dream home in St.louis for just a dollar all thanks to the US government's one dollar program. 

Ollolai, Italy



Italy will feature in these listicles again and again and this time it's the rural living in Ollolai that they are selling. 

Liverpool, England



People could buy the house for a pound here and use their own money and resources to bring it back to life as part of an agreement with the local council. Since 2018, over 20 homes have been listed for sale and a dozen more are planned, as per Daily Mail.

Gary, Indiana, USA



Gary is a laid-back city in Indiana and a perfect place to start a new life. However, as per Business Insider, the government expects you to renovate the house within one year of its purchase. 

Antikythera, Greece



This island in Greece is giving out free homes and they will even give you $20000 to renovate the house. There's a catch, the remote island is only inhabited by scientists and researchers and has about 4 families, as per Irish Times.

Ponga Village, Spain



The Spanish government, worried over de-population, wants to combat the issue by getting people to settle there.

Roubaix, France



One of the poorest cities in France, Roubaix is rich in terms of its heritage. You can buy a house for only a dollar, if you are willing to move into the house with your entire family and live there for at least 6 years, as per The Local.

Chicago, USA



According to Chicago Tribune, the place is definitely offering houses for just $1. There are many houses ready to be claimed in Chicago and all you have to do is fill out the application and wait for your turn to come. 

A Castle Is On Sale!



Here's your chance to live your fairytale life. Italy government's tourism program is willing to give out castles to anyone for free considering they can bring as many visitors as they can. According to CNBC, there are over 100 castles, ready to be claimed. Once proven worthy, the castle will be transferred to your name.


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