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Waitress Reveals how She Makes Customers Tip 20% More; Netizens Share Their own Strategies

These are the ‘server bits’ those charming, witty exchanges that some servers employ to connect with diners on a deeper level
Cover Image Source: TikTok | professionalchitchatter
Cover Image Source: TikTok | professionalchitchatter

The debate around tipping culture has prompted conversations about the interactions between the staff and patrons at restaurants as well as salons and hotels. This has shed light on ‘server bits,’ which are charming, witty exchanges that some servers employ to connect with diners on a deeper level. These bits aren't just about entertainment; they're about building rapport, enhancing the dining experience, and ultimately ensuring hefty tips.

Image Source: TikTok | professionalchitchatter
Image Source: TikTok | professionalchitchatter

Hailey, a waitress who recently shared her insights on TikTok, unveiled some of her go-to server bits that she claims consistently garner her a 20% tip. Among her arsenal is the classic 'Ranch prayer intervention'. Upon a customer's request for more Ranch dressing, Hailey jestingly disappears only to return just as the patrons finish their prayers, declaring, "Your prayers have been answered." It's a simple yet effective bit that adds a touch of humor and surprise to the dining experience.

Acknowledging the significance of her patrons, Hailey demonstrates another thoughtful bit when serving veterans. Expressing gratitude for their service, she promises to deliver excellent service in return, fostering a sense of appreciation and respect.

Image Source: TikTok | professionalchitchatter
Image Source: TikTok | professionalchitchatter

But it's not just about tailor-made interactions, as Hailey's wit shines through spontaneously as well. For instance, when customers, freshly arrived from church, express reservations about margaritas, she cleverly invokes a religious reference, humorously noting, "Well, Jesus drank wine." It's a playful nod to tradition that lightens the mood and breaks down barriers.

Melanie, another server, contributes her own spin on the server bit phenomenon. Employing what she calls "glorified dad jokes," she gauges customer satisfaction with a humorous twist. Asking if customers "hated" their food when they've cleaned their plates adds a whimsical touch, while offering water "on the rocks" adds an unexpected twist to a simple request.

Many people commented on her video and shared their views. One user said, "A server told me “here’s your complementary glacier cocktail” when he handed me my water at Olive Garden in about 2009. I still think about it."

"When it’s an empty plate I say “They brought out an empty plate again. I keep telling them to stop doing that,” another use added.

Another one chimed in saying, "I would always use humor once had a couple with their elderly mother and I handed her the bill and said just kidding whole table was laughing"

"Whenever someone compliments my name I always say “thanks I got it for my birthday” - never fails 😂", one user. 

Image Source: TikTok | ttam
Image Source: TikTok | ttam

One user suggested, "if they ask for ur name say “ my name is ___( ur name) unless you don’t like my service then it's ___ ( a coworkers name)” they always giggle"

Image Source: TikTok | Cloey
Image Source: TikTok | Cloey

Hailey and Melanie, who understand that a memorable dining experience extends beyond just the food on the plate. It's about the ambiance, the interactions, and the lasting impression left long after the meal is finished. And if a clever bit can nudge a tip percentage a little higher, all the better.

For more such content, you can follow Hailey (professionalchitchatter)  on TikTok.