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What Is The ‘Bookshelf Wealth’ Design Trend All About?

The design style encourages hanging art in unconventional ways and mixes several patterns that look more traditional. 
Cover Image Source: Bookshelf in a drawing room | Pexels | Huỳnh Đạt
Cover Image Source: Bookshelf in a drawing room | Pexels | Huỳnh Đạt

While interiors are becoming minimalistic by the day with whites becoming the dominant aesthetic, a new TikTok trend is going against the grain. Think swoon-worthy pieces of art displayed in a home library with stuffed couches of contrasting color themes, and you get the latest design trend of 2024, "Bookshelf Wealth."

"Bookshelf Wealth" is creating quite the buzz in the world of interiors in 2024. People love the fact that they are being able to create art with all the things they already own and love this style. There's also no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to displaying the books that you love. The trend also highlights the uniqueness of each space and embraces the small details of the particular indoor. This makes each home unique even with the same aesthetic applied to each of them. 

Cover Image Source: TikTok | houseofhive
Bookshelf wealth | TikTok | house five

One of the top videos on the subject has gone viral on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok, with over a million views. "Bookshelf wealth is about authenticity and not so much about styling to create a specific look," explains multidisciplinary artist and AD100 designer Justina Blakeney.

Blakeney also talks about how creating authenticity and uniqueness is the whole idea and therefore, one does not need to focus on creating a "specific look." “It’s really about pulling together things that you love, things that you use for reference or inspiration, and has more to do with how you want to live in your home and the kind of things that you want to be surrounded by," she adds via Architectural Digest.

Kailee Blalock, an interior designer based out of San Diego took to TikTok to discuss how to implement "Bookshelf Wealth" in your home. "Appreciate the act of collecting things and to surround yourself with things that fill your soul," she says in her video. This means that besides being able to showcase books, one also needs to pay attention to the other things that can be displayed to elevate the interiors. 

Pexels | Pixabay
Bookshelf wealth (representative image) | Pexels | Pixabay

The fact that people are looking to move away from long-reining minimalism and embracing this new trend makes total sense as this trend is all about personal touch—translating your own life story into home decor. The design style encourages hanging art in unconventional ways and mixes several patterns that look more traditional. "I think the main thing is to buy what you love and what makes you happy," says Melinda James, an interior designer at Melinda James Interiors via House Beautiful. 

Jonathan Borba | Pexels |
Bookshelf wealth (representative image) | Jonathan Borba | Pexels |

The new design trend is also nonconformist in many ways as it rejects the idea of perfect homes that have been all over the internet in the last few years. Filling the home with books that you have read and art pieces that have a memory attached to it makes it your own in so many ways. "It doesn't have to be museum quality or this or that. It just needs to be what makes you smile and strikes a chord with you," adds James.