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Chick-fil-A Customer Shamed by Employee For Using Reward Points

The comment did not sit well with the user who captioned the video, "Acting like I didn't earn these points."
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @ellesburneracc
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @ellesburneracc

In a time when most people are facing financial adversities fueled by inflation, people are constantly looking for ways to be able to save in their daily lives. Collecting coupons, and reward points is a way that many people resort to.  Such is the story of this TikTok user who tried to use her Chick-fil-A reward, only to be humiliated by the employee at the food joint. Certified Beaner took to the popular video-sharing platform and uploaded a short 6-second clip, with the overlay text, "Racked up 9k cfa points so I asked if I can use my points to redeem tenders, fries, and a drink, and the employee said 'so you want it for free.'"

TikTok |
TikTok |

The comment did not sit well with the user who captioned the video, "Acting like I didn't earn these points." The user's points had become 9,000 only because she had been buying so much from the food joint. From the time the video was uploaded, it had garnered more than 700k views and 93k likes.

Many took to the comments to talk about their experiences," they offer a meal on there so like yes girl???? I want my meal for free?!!!", writes @aubstewart, while @amaritheeunicorn commented, "I added the maximum amount of sauces to my in-app order. When I went to pick it up, a worker was like, 'We have bottles of sauce if you want to just buy one.' Why would I do that? Give me the free sauce." Many TikTok users talked about how they use coupons and rewards to save on the things they buy.

TikTok | ellesburneracc
TikTok | ellesburneracc

Another user talked about the time she was scorned for buying coffee using reward points, "I had a McDonald’s worker say “wow you really like free stuff don’t you?” Cause I would use my points to get a coffee every day before work," @milesanthony93 wrote, while another user @macyspore wrote, "I used my rewards for tenders and I swear they gave me the nastiest tenders just because I got them for free."


acting like i didn’t EARN these points

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However, no amount of belittling from these employees should stop you from using these ways to save money, especially in these financially trying times. Americans are currently counting on innovative dining hacks to counter the rising prices. In another similar story, a couple, Nate and Sarah took to TikTok to share their dining hack that got the internet talking.

TikTok | @nateandsaraheats
TikTok | @nateandsaraheats

The couple showed their followers a way to buy a single meal at Five Guys and make it into two. They ask their followers to get one single cheeseburger along with an extra bun and a single fries. They then split the meal and showed how the portion was enough for two people. The hack was received positively by most people who took to the post to appreciate the clever way to save money amid the rising cost of living.