40 Years in Hollywood, 90 Films and Oscar Nominations Later, Actor Nick Nolte Is Worth $75 Million

40 Years in Hollywood, 90 Films and Oscar Nominations Later, Actor Nick Nolte Is Worth $75 Million
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Name Nicholas King Nolte
Networth $75 million
Salary $4-$7 million
Annual Income N/A
Sources of income Acting
Gender Male
DOB February 8, 1941
Age 82 years
Nationality American
Profession Actor

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Actor Nick Nolte has an estimated net worth of $75 million in 2023, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Nolte has appeared in about 90 films and is known for his impressive height and gravelly voice. Some of his most famous appearances are in films including "Prince of Tide," "The Deep", "Teachers", "Cape Fear", "The Good Thief", and "Tropic Thunder".

Getty Images | Photo by Bruno Vincent
Getty Images | Photo by Bruno Vincent

Nick Nolte bagged a handsome $1 million salary for the 1998 film “The Thin Red Line”. However, in 1994, Nolte earned about $7 million for the film “I Love Trouble”, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

For the film “Blue Chips”, he was paid $7 million and for one of his most famous films, “The Prince of Tides”, Nick took home a $4 million paycheck, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

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Nick Nolte owned a luxurious estate in Malibu for years. However, in 2014, he sold the property for $3.9 million. According to several media sources, Nolte sold it at a massive loss as he had previously listed the property for $8.25 million, which was more than twice the amount that he ultimately settled for. However, it was later revealed that his original listing included an adjacent 3-acre property which Nolte didn’t sell in the final purchase.

1998 Salary from The Thin Red Line- $1,000,000
1994 Salary from I Love Trouble- $7,000,000
1994 Salary from Blue Chips- $7,000,000
1991 Salary from The Prince of Tides- $4,000,000

Nick Nolte has been married thrice and has two children. His first two marriages were with Sheila Page and Sharyn Haddad and his last wife was Rebecca Linger. While Nick has a son with Linger, Brawley Nolte, he has a daughter with his long-time partner Clytie Lane. Nolte’s son Brawly has worked in films most prominently in “Ransom” alongside Mel Gibson where he played the role of Gibson’s son, a central character who was kidnapped.

Getty Images | Photo by Ethan Miller
Getty Images | Photo by Ethan Miller


Nick has been nominated for three Academy Awards, twice in the Best Actor category and once in the Best Supporting Actor category. He has been nominated for many other awards as well, including the Primetime Emmy Award, Chicago Film Critics Association Award, National Society of Film Critics Award, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, Golden Globe Award, and others.



How old is Nick Nolte?

Nick Nolte was born on February 8, 1941, making him 82 years old.

What is Nick Nolte’s most successful movie?

Nick Nolte's most successful movie is arguably “The Prince of Tides,” for which he received an Academy Award nomination.

How many children does Nick Nolte have?

Nick Nolte has two children, a son and a daughter.

Has Nick Nolte ever been arrested?

Yes, Nick Nolte was arrested in 2003 for crashing his car and driving under the influence of drugs in 2003.

Is Nick Nolte still acting?

Nolte's last appearance was in “The Mandalorian” in 2019 and he has not appeared in any major roles since then.

What is actor Nick Nolte’s Net Worth in 2023?

Nick Nolte’s net worth is estimated to be $75 million in 2023.

What is Nick Nolte’s full name?

Nick Nolte’s full name is Nicholas King Nolte.


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