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TikToker Says He Should Be Getting Discount for Using Zara’s Self-Checkout in Miami, Sparks Debate

He was seen complaining about how he should be getting a discount for having to remove the magnetic strip from the hanger and bag the clothing himself
Cover Image Source: TikTok | amirrors_world
Cover Image Source: TikTok | amirrors_world

A TikToker recently took to the video-sharing platform to post a video of himself using a self-checkout machine at a Zara store in Miami. He was seen complaining about how he should be getting a discount for having to remove the magnetic strip from the hanger and bag the clothing himself. While @amirrors_world  was initially satisfied using the kiosk, he soon realized that he needed help from an employee. He said, "If you want to buy clothes in Miami, you have to become an employee of that store to buy those clothes."

Zara | Getty Images |  Peter Dazeley
Zara store | Getty Images | Peter Dazeley

Amir Mohamed was left irritated and said, "Here I am, I needed a quick shirt, I run into Zara real quick, I try to grab some stuff, I walk up to this cashier thing." He went on to show how the kiosk works, "I throw it in that basket right there and it reads everything that I bought, down to the size, the color, whatever, and I'm like cool I get to pay right here...simple process." 

"Hit a credit card, no cash, I'm like okay, I'm doing all the work that an employee should be doing. I don't have a problem with that. Everything's in the basket, hit payment, I paid," he continued. He then talked about how he was then asked to take off the magnetic strip by himself. "I'm like oh, I do work for you guys." He then prepped the clothes and stated that he needed some help to figure out how to remove the magnetic strips without really damaging the clothes. 

Mohamed further revealed that even the woman who offered to help him was having issues trying to take out the strips. "I take it over and I'm like I don't even get an employee discount. I'm still buying everything at full price, taking off all the magnetic strips, I'm sorting them for them in those little holders you see," he said, pointing to holes in the kiosk where the strips are supposed to go. 

TikTok | @amirrors_world
TikTok | @amirrors_world

Not everybody was on the same page as one of the top comments read, "Crazy how people will complain about using a machine. Then, when it comes to an actual person doing it, they treat them like a machine." Another person was simply shocked to see that the display would play a 30-second ad before the checkout process begins if you don't have a Zara premium membership. "Wait till you have to watch a 30-second ad before paying unless you're a Zara Premium member," quipped a user. 

Some TikTokers even asked if there was a possibility of the clothes becoming cheaper now that there's service in the stores..."Less wages, more profit. Which will lead to more affordable clothing. Right?….. RIGHT???!!" commented another. 

 Zara store | Getty Images | Cristina Arias
Zara store | Getty Images | Cristina Arias

While people do prefer self-checkouts if they save time, some statistics show that many people do not like checking out by themselves and are scared that they might go wrong somewhere. A shopper, Julie Domina told USA Today, “They just aggravate me, if I'm going to be checking myself out, I want to get a discount because that means you're not paying an employee to check me out."

Opinions about self-check-out are mixed, and therefore, some retailers feel that implementing self-checkout can benefit everyone. However, there is also evidence of retail stores using technology or staffing to prevent theft in the self-checkout counters. Also, self-checkout is a bit more effective in a few industries compared to the others. For example, a self-check kiosk works at a gas station but that doesn't guarantee that it will work in other industries, too.