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Check out the Hack to Make More Money by Reselling Baby Clothes Shared by a Mom on Social Media

Scarlett Johanson heard a rumor on TikTok that if you sent your husband to a children's resale store, he would come out with more cash than if she did the same. 
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Scarlett Johanson
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Scarlett Johanson

Baby clothes can be expensive and constitute a major chunk of household expenses. This would have been okay if your child didn't grow out of them in a matter of years, and moms on TikTok are trying to address this problem by reselling cute overalls for a quick buck. Consignment stores like Once Upon a Child are emerging as preferred buyers for these clothes, instead of run-of-the-mill thrift stores.

One mom on TikTok said that sending her husband to places like these helps her make the most of these clothes. TikTok user Scarlett Johanson heard a rumor on TikTok that if you sent your husband to a children's resale store, he would come out with more cash as compared to what she could get.

TikTok | Scarlett Johanson
TikTok | Scarlett Johanson

Johanson decided to try the hack and shared her experience online. She said, "Alright, so I saw a TikTok where if you send your husband in you're more likely to get some money. So here we go we have two totes full and I'm gonna have him go in create an account and see if he does better than I normally do because very curious about this," she said.

When she asked her husband about how much he had been able to sell the clothes for, Johanson was left stunned. 

“$127. That's right. I overshot your expectations. You're welcome,” her husband jokingly answered. "Even when I sold like 10 pairs of shoes last time and a bunch of clothes only got 90 bucks. So what's the conclusion? Send your husbands and ladies." she says.

People in the comment section were as shocked as Johanson was, if not more. "That’s insane! I have NEVER gotten over $100!!! 87 was the most I’ve got," one user wrote.

Pexels | Anna Shvets
Pexels | Anna Shvets

"I’ve never gotten more than $25 from OUAC 😅 Our location is constantly refusing lots of items because they have too many clothes," another user said.

There was also a mom who talked about how reselling was so hectic for her that she gave up on it and started giving away clothes and shoes to moms who needed them. "I hate feeling cheated. After I tried once I said nope never again."

Several users had ideas that they shared hoping it would help the other moms, "That is why I resell my kid's items on platforms like FB Marketplace, Mercari, Poshmark, and DePop — Once Upon a Time gives you pennies on the dollar for your items," commented a TikTok user, while another noted, "They lowball me every time I give clothes, toys, I gave them a baby gate I bought over $100 from Walmart. They gave me 25 dollars lmao."

Ron Lach | Pexels
Ron Lach | Pexels

Johanson in the video also said that she doesn't like to buy junk for her kids so all of the clothes are of great quality, another user took to the video and wrote, "My baby has worn each of his outfits one time before he grew out of them. I'm buying Walmart junk and idc. I'd still do it if I had $1mil in my pocket", to which the OP replied, "Oh and Little Star! Cutest stuff, definitely not junk!"