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This Woman Just Returned a Couch To Costco After Using It For Over 2 Years, No Receipt

The woman tested the limits of the retail club's return policy and came out successful.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @xojacckss
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @xojacckss

TikTok creator and Costco shopper Jackie Nguyen shared in a video her experience of returning a two-and-a-half-year-old couch to Costco without a receipt. Nguyen had a straightforward reason for returning the couch, “she just didn’t like it anymore”. The video has since gone viral racking up over 3 million views and over 140,000 comments. Nguyen tested the limits of the retail club's return policy and came out successful.

Nguyen started the video by saying, “So today we’re doing something that I’ve never done before, and that is we are returning a two-and-a-half-year-old couch to Costco.”

She went on to explain that she just didn’t like the couch and her family didn’t like its color. This is about two and a half years after she bought the couch.

She added that she was indeed nervous about making this bold attempt to return it. Next, in the video, Nguyen shows her couch strapped to a pickup truck and then unloading it at the Costco parking lot.

Jackie Ngeyen's Couch | TikTok | @xojacckss
Jackie Ngeyen's Couch | TikTok | @xojacckss

The video does not show her in-store experience of talking to the employees, as she was “in a rush” but Nguyen later explained what happened in the store.

She says that it was “very intimidating” to go into the warehouse store with such a massive purchase to return, but Costco has “an awesome return policy,” so it was worth it.

Although she did not have the receipt, Nguyen was still able to return the couch by talking to a retail clerk.

“I already knew the date that I had bought it because I had taken a photo of when we were bringing it to our apartment at the time because I was pregnant and I couldn’t lift it,” she explained. She then says that she told the date to the clerk who looked it up on the computer and found it.

“She found it online ... and then she goes, ‘Okay, cool.’ And that was it,” Nguyen says.

She further adds that the employee asked if there was anything wrong with the couch or if she just didn’t like it anymore, and Nguyen said that the color no longer fit her space. That was all it took, and Nguyen was offered a full refund of the original price on her card.

Pleased with the return experience, Nguyen recommended her followers buy their furniture from Costo member stores. "Buy your furniture from Costco, girl. You can return it when you don't like it anymore," she says.

While Nguyen turned off the comments on her original TikTok, she did follow up with another post replying to a comment on Costco’s return policy.

@xojacckss Replying to @Lola🌙 i hopw this helpa you guys but Costco really is the best :)) #costcoreturns #costco ♬ original sound - JackieNguyen


According to the official website of Costco, the retail chain indeed has a very generous return policy.


"We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell, and will refund your purchase price," the website says, but it doesn’t specify the time frame within which the customers are required to bring the product back.  However, it does mention some exceptions like electronics, diamonds, alcohol, cigarettes, gold bullion and more.