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Meet the Woman who Claimed That She Accidentally Purchased a $100,000 Couch Online

Quenlin Blackwell's card prank took an unexpected turn, leaving followers upset & angry.
Image Source:quenblackwell TikTok
Image Source:quenblackwell TikTok

Online shopping offers the convenience of selecting products, process payments and exploring more options with a few clicks. But this ease of purchasing could have its downsides, and a popular TikToker Quenlin Blackwell discovered that the hard way. Blackwell recently shared a video where she was upset about accidentally bidding for a couch as a joke, a move that cost her a whopping $100,000.

Blackwell appealed to her followers for financial help, asking for donations to cover the unexpected cost. She pleaded with those who had a lot of money, saying, "If you have a million dollars, can you please donate? Can you please donate, please?" The video quickly went viral, with 6.5 million views, and garnered comments from people expressing confusion about why she would enter her card details as a joke.

Image Source:
Image Source:quenblackwell TikTok

The situation took an unexpected turn when Blackwell revealed in a follow-up video that she was considering joining OnlyFans to make up for the money she lost. She reluctantly shared that she needed funds not only for the expensive couch but also for dental work and to fix her car's side mirror. The entire incident left her feeling overwhelmed, as she believed the company wouldn't refund her money.

The comments on the videos showed a mix of sympathy and bewilderment from viewers, questioning the decision to input card information as a joke and offering their opinions on the unexpected financial predicament. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Blackwell's story became a topic of conversation on social media.

One of the comments said "Girl, who puts in card info as a JOKE."

A second added: "ILY BUT WHY PUT YOUR INFO IN."

Then came the third one asking, "How do you accidentally put all of your card info in and press purchase?"

A keen-eyed commenter pointed out the unusual aspect of the situation, questioning why Blackwell's card didn't immediately decline or trigger an account freeze if she had a significant amount of money. This observation raised doubts among users, with many requesting to see the alleged expensive couch.

But despite questions, Blackwell didn't directly address the speculations that the entire story might be fabricated for attention or financial gain.

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However, on Thursday, Blackwell came clean about the situation, admitting that it was all a prank and declaring it "worth it." She shared a photo of a stained and torn-up couch, claiming it was the six-figure purchase. According to her, the couch was a creation by the fictional artist Suqę Mì Dehqüe in 1958, titled the 'Troll dé Onlywind,' representing the caca movement of the late 50s and making a statement about human society. Blackwell expressed gratitude for the support, stating that she now owned a piece of art.

This unexpected twist to the story, left followers with a mix of emotions, ranging from surprise to amusement, as they realized the whole incident was an elaborate setup by Blackwell.

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