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This College Student Sent 456 Applications Before Finally Landing One Internship!

The moment he learned he had landed the internship he "felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders."
Cover Image Source: @oliesandroid | TikTok
Cover Image Source: @oliesandroid | TikTok

Olie Wu (@oliesandroid), a college student and coder, recently went viral on TikTok for documenting his hunt for an internship in a video that garnered  2.7 million views. He shared intricate details on an impressive spreadsheet that showcased the effort he put into securing the position. His statistics: 456 applications submitted, 56 interviews attended, and sacrificed four months of sleep – all to land just one internship!

Image Source:
Image Source: @oliesandroid | TikTok

People were impressed by Olie's commitment, and many wanted to know how he managed everything. Therefore, Olie decided to make another video tutorial, explaining how he made his tracking system. The document featured distinct columns, including company names, application status, links, and the Google Search Link feature. He warned others not to apply to as many positions as he did and explained that it's more about quality than quantity. 

In his tutorial, Olie showed the color-coded buttons that represented different stages of the application process. The excelsheet also helped keep track of interview dates, online assessments, phone screens, and final interviews. He meticulously explained each step, demonstrating the practicality and usefulness of his spreadsheet in efficiently managing the internship process.

Image Source:
Image Source: @oliesandroid | TikTok

While many appreciated Olie's tracking system, one TikTok user felt daunted by the entire process. This viewer, contemplating a move to the US with a master's degree and three years of experience, found it somewhat intimidating. Olie empathized with these concerns and went on to explain the spreadsheet better. He emphasized the importance of the Google Search Link and talked about the "Focus Group" section, where he efficiently organized interviews at companies where he had referrals.

"I started applying in July and soon I hit 200 applications," he told Newsweek. "Usually, I would open up two or three job boards, see what new jobs were posted, and then apply to all of the jobs if the salary, location, roles etc. met what I was looking for," he added. He disclosed that he secured only one job offer out of the 56 interviews he attended and the 456 applications he submitted. His 12% interview success rate garnered praise, shedding light on the fierce competition and challenges in today's competitive world.

"I did not want to feel regret that I could have tried harder, so I made up my mind to pursue this with everything I had," Olie said. "A big mistake I made was not networking properly and being scared to network and relying on cold applications instead. If I could do it all over again, I would definitely network more. Take a deep breath, and relax, this is a marathon not a sprint," he stated. Olie's TikTok saga transcends mere spreadsheets and numbers; it encapsulates a narrative of tenacity and strategic planning on the lookout for professional opportunities.