Struggling to Pay Rent via Credit Cards? Check out This Portal to Streamline the Process

Struggling to Pay Rent via Credit Cards? Check out This Portal to Streamline the Process
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Money has often caused a rift between tenants and landlords, and things are only getting worse with rising rent as people are more apprehensive about those offering property at higher rates. In addition to all that, digital payments cause misunderstandings as tenants insist on paying online, while landlords often complain about not receiving the money. To curb this problem, Racami has introduced a Tenant Payment Portal (TPP) to ease up the lives by streamlining the payment process. TPP is a platform designed to allow tenants to pay their rent online using either bank transfer (ACH) or debit/credit card.

Although paying rent and other bills through credit cards does come with a risk of credit card debt piling up, the platform provides a crucial service in the current landscape.

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Racami's TPP serves as a digital payment system not just for landlords but for the entire housing market, including government-assisted housing agencies, private property managers, and homeowner associations. The platform is developed to make the renting process more convenient, safe, and efficient for both the renters as well as the landlords. The users can further book free TPP demos by navigating through the website ensuring the satisfaction and the safety of the tenants.

Property managers have the benefit of using the TPP feature for free. Tenants will have to pay a small transaction fee each time they make transactions through the digital portal.

By introducing this digital platform, Racami ensures that tenants have full flexibility to fulfill their monthly rent payments through a secure portal designed especially for their property managers. If any tenant feels that their payments or details are not secure online they have the option to pay in person. They can make use of the kiosk or pay at a counter feature which will help them keep track of their consistent payments.

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Tenants often forget to pay their rent on time and hence have to face the raging landlord. But with the TPP, the tenants can get email notifications as a reminder to pay their rent or any other overdue amount.

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With personalized dashboards, both can have their customized dashboards and can check the payment history, and detailed reports and manage the payments. The portal also supports and provides several payment methods and plans such as automated payments, partial payments, and advanced rent payments.

Racami's TPP makes sure that all the tenants' payment information and details are safe. For this, they have maintained security measures such as ISO27001 compliance, PCI DSS certification, and SOC2 compliance for secure payments. 



Racami representatives further explain TPP as a complete solution that makes renting better for both the tenants and the landlords. It not only ensures tenants peace of mind but also makes the payment collection for the landlord easier. Additionally, payments through this platform will give tenants a sense of transparency and convenience. Racami further says that "it wants TPP to be the best way to handle payments in the rental industry. They imagine a future where paying rent is easy, safe, and satisfying for everyone involved".


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