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Beyond Eateries, QR Codes Have Now Entered the Real Estate Market; Here's How

QR codes aren't just limited to shops and restaurants but now have entered real esate too! A great advertising strategy perheps?
Image Source: Photo by Thirdman | Pexels
Image Source: Photo by Thirdman | Pexels

QR codes are now commonplace in cafes and restaurants, but now they're popping up in the property market too, as real estate agents are using QR codes to catch the eye of potential renters and buyers. These signs are different though. They don't have the agent's name, phone number, or even pictures of the property, instead, the sign comprises a straightforward QR code that directs interested renters and buyers to the online listing.

One potential buyer spotted a sign from Casey Estate Agents and found the new tactic "interesting," while another questioned its effectiveness, preferring to see property pictures instead.

Another person pointed out, "It worked, didn't it?" They admitted being intrigued by the bright pink QR code and followed it, which they might not have done with a regular sign.

Real estate agent Komal Bornino explained that they've been using boards with just a QR code for property advertising for six months.

Image Source: Photo by iMin Technology |Pexels
Image Source: Photo by iMin Technology |Pexels

When real estate agencies and their clients utilize QR codes for selling properties, they can reap numerous advantages.

Prospective buyers can easily access essential information about the property by scanning the QR code with a smartphone camera or QR scanner. This enables them to quickly gather details without needing assistance.

Sellers no longer need to invest time and effort in physically meeting potential buyers to showcase the property. QR codes streamline the process, allowing interested parties to access property information effortlessly.

Studies in the US real estate market indicate that the strategic implementation of QR codes can boost sales figures by up to a third. Real estate agencies in developed countries have found QR codes to be highly functional tools in their marketing strategies. These codes can be integrated into various materials such as print and online advertisements, business cards, promotional posters, signs, and more.

Image Source: Photo by Binyamin Mellish | pexels
Image Source: Photo by Binyamin Mellish | pexels

According to Bornino, the main advantage of the QR code signs is their focus on the property rather than the real estate agent. "We're saying it's not about our faces or brand. We're there to sell or lease the property," she stated. By removing agent faces and contact details from the boards, they emphasize the property itself. Bornino believes that if people are genuinely interested, they will scan the QR code. Some negative feedback came from individuals with disabilities or those unable to scan the code while driving past.

By embracing QR code technology, real estate agencies take a crucial step toward digital marketing optimization. This transition enhances the likelihood of successful property transactions and contributes to overall profitability.

Image Source: Photo by Pixabay | Pexels
Image Source: Photo by Pixabay | Pexels

Bornino believes that the use of QR codes will become increasingly common among real estate agents, showing their prevalence in many other businesses' advertising strategies.

She explained that while other businesses might use a general QR code linking to their website, their approach is different. Each QR code is unique to a specific property, providing direct access to its listing.

Bornino clarified that the QR code boards haven't significantly affected the speed at which properties are leased or sold. However, she pointed out that this is generally the case with advertising boards in the real estate industry. In summary, leveraging QR codes in real estate marketing presents a simple yet powerful solution for enhancing efficiency, convenience, and profitability for both real estate agencies and their clients.