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Top 10 Leading Financial Influencers and Their Earnings

The world of finance influencers has seen a digital revolution, with individuals using social media to share valuable financial insights.
A man removes Euro currency bills from a wallet | Getty Images | Photo by Sean Gallup
A man removes Euro currency bills from a wallet | Getty Images | Photo by Sean Gallup

10 Highest Earning Finfluencers

Google + : Illustration | Getty Images | Photo by Chesnot
Google + : Illustration | Getty Images | Photo by Chesnot


The era of finance and personal wealth management has witnessed a digital transformation through the rise of finance influencers. These individuals have harnessed the power of social media to impart invaluable knowledge and insights to their vast online followings. From savvy financial advice to investment strategies, these finance influencers have left an indelible mark on the financial landscape, influencing and empowering individuals seeking financial wisdom. Let's delve into the world of the most popular finance influencers, exploring their online presence, significant followings, and their remarkable earning potential through sponsored posts.

1. Humphrey Yang: 54.3M followers ($2,661 per post)
Humphrey Yang | Image source: Instagram

Humphrey Yang, a 35-year-old finance influencer, reigns as the most popular in his niche with a staggering 54,317,401 followers and subscribers across social media platforms. His extensive following includes 501,000 on Instagram, 3,300,000 on TikTok, and a remarkable 49,500,000 TikTok likes. Humphrey specializes in creating original content focused on personal finance, offering valuable insights into savings and tax credits. He also collaborates with non-profit organizations, generously giving away substantial sums to individuals. Thanks to his substantial following and an average of 2,700 likes per post, Yang can earn up to $2,661 per sponsored Instagram post.

2. Jeremy Schneider: 4.1M followers ($2,580 per post)
Jeremy Schneider | Image Source: Instagram

Jeremy Schneider, renowned for his Personal Finance Club, commands a substantial following of 4,162,066 across various social media platforms, featuring 487,000 Instagram followers, 124,600 TikTok devotees, and a staggering 3,500,000 TikTok likes. With a personal net worth exceeding $4 million, he achieved early retirement at just 36 years old. His financial wisdom aims to empower others with insights into money management and investment strategies, making financial freedom an attainable goal. Jeremy's impactful content garners an average of 4,400 likes, allowing him to earn up to $2,580 for sponsored posts on Instagram.

3. Anthony O’Neal: 3.7M followers ($1,845 per post)
Anthony O’Neal | Image Source: Instagram

Anthony O'Neal, a distinguished finance influencer, wields significant influence with 3.7 million followers across his social media platforms. This substantial following includes 347,000 dedicated Instagram followers and an impressive 599,000 subscribers on YouTube. However, O'Neal's digital presence is not solely limited to being an influencer; he is also an accomplished author, having penned multiple bestselling books, and holds the esteemed position of Chief Executive Officer at The Neatness Network. He creates inspirational content that resonates with individuals striving to master their financial management skills, aiming to help them achieve their financial goals. Typically, O'Neal garners an average of 1,900 likes per post, which translates into a substantial income potential of approximately $1,845 for each sponsored post on his Instagram account.

4. Steve Chen: 15.1M followers ($1,196 per post)
Steve Chen | Image Source: Instagram

Steve Chen, also known as the Financial Freedom Coach, ranks fourth among finance influencers. With a staggering 15.1 million followers, Steve boasts an extensive online presence, including 40,200 YouTube subscribers, 928,500 TikTok followers, and 13.9 million TikTok likes. Having achieved financial freedom at the age of 33, he dedicates himself to educating others on personal finance, covering topics such as investing, saving, and taxes. Each sponsored post on his platform can earn him up to $1,196, with an average of 1,500 likes per post.

5. Josh Rincon: 10.2M followers ( $1,191 per post)
Josh Rincon | Image Source: Instagram

Josh Rincon, the fifth-ranked finance influencer, commands a significant online following with 10.2 million fans, spanning various platforms, including 5.3 million Facebook followers, 479,500 TikTok followers, and 4.3 million TikTok likes. As a passionate advocate for financial education, this millennial fin-fluencer serves as the Program Director of the financial non-profit Advance Latino. Josh frequently shares informative content on digital finance and discount strategies. With an average of 1,300 likes per post, he can pocket up to $1,191 for a sponsored Instagram post.

6. Delyanne Barros: 4.1M ($1,013 per post)
Delyanne Barros | Image Source: LinkedIn

Delyanne Barros ranked as the ninth most prominent finance influencer, commands a substantial online presence with 4.1 million followers and subscribers. Her followers include 333,400 on TikTok, 3.6 million TikTok likes, and 14,300 on Twitter. With 14 years of experience as a plaintiff-side employment attorney, Barros leverages her expertise in investing to assist individuals in paying off debt and initiating investments. Notably, she hosts a finance podcast produced by CNN. With an impressive engagement rate of 1.11%, Delyanne Barros can earn up to $1,013 per sponsored post.

7. Taylor Price: 21.9M followers ($416 per post)
Taylor Price | Image Source: Instagram

Taylor Price, a self-proclaimed "Gen Z financial activist," commands a staggering following of 21.9 million across various social media platforms. Her substantial reach includes 107,000 loyal Instagram followers and an impressive 1.1 million subscribers on TikTok, where her engaging personality shines. She covers a diverse range of financial topics, from demystifying credit scores to dissecting celebrity investments and exploring the intricacies of Bitcoin. Taylor Price's knack for connecting with younger audiences, coupled with her engaging content, has made her a sought-after influencer in the finance niche. Her reach extends to sponsorship opportunities, allowing her to earn up to $416 per sponsored post on Instagram.

8. Tori Dunlap: 26.9M followers ($347 per post)
Tori Dunlap | Image Source: LinkedIn

Tori Dunlap, the second most prominent finance influencer, boasts a remarkable following of 26.9 million across her social media platforms. Her TikTok account leads the way with 2.3 million devoted followers and an astounding 24.5 million likes. Additionally, her Facebook presence is noteworthy, with 31,000 followers and 25,000 likes. Tori Dunlap's journey in finance was marked by significant personal achievement, as she saved $100,000 at the young age of 25. She has since become a champion of financial empowerment for women, offering insights into negotiating salaries, debt management, savings, and investments, and, most recently, authoring the book "Financial Feminist" in 2022. With a substantial engagement rate of 5.67%, this influential finfluencer can earn up to $347 for each sponsored post on Instagram. Her impact in the realm of finance and her focus on empowering women financially has solidified her status as a leading influencer in this niche.

9. Poku Banks: 9.7M followers ($241 per post)
Poku Banks | Image Source: Instagram

Poku Banks, a prominent fin-fluencer, commands a substantial following of 9.7 million across his social media platforms. His reach extends to 339,200 devoted followers on TikTok, where he has garnered a staggering 9.3 million likes, as well as a YouTube channel with 29,500 subscribers. Banks is driven by a mission to empower younger individuals to maximize their financial potential. He actively engages with the public, both online and offline, to impart valuable money-saving strategies. With an engagement rate of 1.92%, Poku Banks can earn up to $241 per sponsored post on Instagram. His dedication to promoting financial literacy and responsible money management has solidified his position as an influential voice in the finance niche.

10. Parii Bafna: 5.7M followers ($40 per post)
Parii Bafna | Image Source: LinkedIn

Parii Bafna boasts an impressive following of 5.7 million across her social media platforms. Her presence is most prominent on TikTok, where she has accumulated 324,400 dedicated followers and a remarkable 5.4 million likes. Additionally, she maintains an Instagram following of 2,251. Bafna is renowned for her engaging content focused on diverse aspects of personal finance, from credit cards to drop shipping and Bitcoin. Notably, at the age of 21, she co-founded Jumpstart, an organization dedicated to nurturing students' entrepreneurial endeavors. With the highest engagement rate on the list, standing at 3.52%, Parii Bafna can earn up to $40 per sponsored post, underscoring her influence in the finance niche and her commitment to empowering young entrepreneurs.