Lionel Messi's Arrival at Inter Miami to Majorly Boost the Club's Global Presence and Revenues

Lionel Messi's Arrival at Inter Miami to Majorly Boost the Club's Global Presence and Revenues
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In a move that has sent shockwaves through the soccer world, Inter Miami is experiencing an unprecedented surge in success following the arrival of all-time soccer great Lionel Messi. The Argentine national and former Barcelona star's presence is already making waves, with club's managing owner Jorge Mas revealing to CNBC's Halftime Report that Messi's addition is expected to double the club's revenues over the next 12 months, signifying a momentous boost for the team, reports CNBC.

"When we got into the project of Inter Miami, we really did it wanting to be the premier platform for football in the United States," shared Jorge Mas, expressing their ambitious vision for the future. 

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Megan Briggs
Image Source: Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The journey to secure Messi's presence in Miami began in 2019 when Jorge Mas and co-owner David Beckham flew to Barcelona to meet Messi’s father. "When does an athlete truly have the opportunity to change the sport, I think that’s the opportunity that Messi has ahead of himself," Mas remarked, emphasizing the significance of the moment. This strategic pursuit culminated in securing one of the greatest soccer players of all time for Inter Miami.


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Lionel Messi's signing marks a watershed moment in the history of Inter Miami. The Argentine virtuoso's unparalleled skills, technical brilliance, and mesmerizing flair have captivated soccer fans worldwide for over a decade. As he dons the Inter Miami jersey, the club gains access to a wealth of talent and experience that transcends the boundaries of domestic leagues. "Messi is a player that can change the game at any given moment," said Mas, acknowledging the transformative impact Messi will have on the club's performances.

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The anticipation surrounding Messi's U.S. debut with Inter Miami on Friday (July 21, 2023) is reaching unparalleled heights. Ticket prices for the highly-awaited match are soaring, averaging nearly $1,300 on secondary ticket platforms such as TicketIQ. Soccer enthusiasts are eager to witness Messi's magic on the field, contributing to an electrifying atmosphere that surrounds the upcoming game. Mas acknowledged the significance of Messi's debut, saying, "It's a moment that Inter Miami fans, soccer fans, and sports fans in South Florida have been waiting for." With the anticipation building to a crescendo, the U.S. debut of Lionel Messi has become an event of historic proportions.

The 'Messi effect' is already palpable, generating immense excitement commercially and throughout South Florida. "It’s the only thing anyone talks about," Mas acknowledged, describing the tremendous impact Messi's arrival has had. Fans are eager to embrace history, leading to a complete sellout of Messi's jerseys. In response to the overwhelming demand, Adidas is working round the clock to meet the needs of fans eager to don the colors of the soccer legend. Sports e-commerce platform Fanatics revealed that Messi's jersey sales have the potential to set a new record for the most jerseys sold by a player joining a new team in any sport after just 24 hours.


But the 'Messi effect' extends beyond merchandise sales. As the soccer star graces the Inter Miami pitch, he brings with him a global fan base and unmatched media attention. The eyes of soccer enthusiasts around the world are now firmly fixed on Inter Miami, making them a central attraction in the ever-expanding realm of international soccer.

Jorge Mas sees Messi's arrival as an opportunity for MLS to compete globally. He aims to elevate the league's stature over the next three to five years and challenge top European leagues. With Messi's star power driving increased revenues, Inter Miami is set to redefine American soccer and set new industry benchmarks. Moreover, MLS is no longer just a growing league but a destination for top talent, attracting global attention with the addition of international soccer superstars like Messi. The impact of Messi's arrival extends beyond Inter Miami, reshaping MLS into a formidable contender on the global soccer stage.


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