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6 ChatGPT Prompts That'll Make You Wonder How You Survived Without Them

ChatGPT is a powerfool tool that can help people identify their smoney making skills.
Photo illustration of the home page for the OpenAI "ChatGPT" app | Getty Images | Photo by Leon Neal
Photo illustration of the home page for the OpenAI "ChatGPT" app | Getty Images | Photo by Leon Neal

The state of the workforce across the globe is changing rapidly with the advent of AI. With tools like ChatGPT, anyone can find ideas to make money, land high-paying gigs, or find side hustles that supplement their regular salary. However, the quality of responses from ChatGPT is only as good as the questions, or prompts, that the user provides. Thus, here are some specific ChatGPT prompts from GoBankingRates that can be used to find lucrative gigs and side hustles.

Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Jonathan Kemper
Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Jonathan Kemper

1. “Identify High-Income Skills Relevant to (The User’s Background)”

The first step towards finding any side gig or a job is to identify the relevant or potentially high-income skills. As per the report, ChatGPT can help out users with this as well. The AI tool can help people find the skills that could be monetized. Users can ask ChatGPT to identify high-income skills relevant to their educational background, work experience, or even hobbies like creative writing, or a passion for digital art.

2. “Please List All The Remote Side Gigs for (the specific skills)”

This prompt is for those who are looking for remote gigs. After the first step of figuring out the skills that can potentially generate a high income, users can log in to ChatGPT to generate opportunities. They can enter the above-mentioned prompt with their specific skills which could be coding, copywriting, graphic design, etc. This prompt can potentially help people find opportunities that fit their schedule and skill set, and allow them to work from the comfort of their home.

3. “Can You Find and List The Upcoming High-Paying Gig Economy Trends”

Apart from searching for opportunities, workers also need to stay updated with the economic trends. Luckily, ChatGPT can help with this too. Simply asking the AI chatbot about upcoming trends in high-paying gigs can help people find emerging opportunities before they become saturated.

For instance, the prompt,  “List all the upcoming high-paying gig economy trends in 2024?” can help people prepare better and chisel their skills to take the first mover advantage.

Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Lewis Keegan
Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Lewis Keegan

4. “Can You Share Some Ideas on How to Start Freelancing as a (Profession)”

People who want to try their hands at freelancing can also leverage the power of ChatGPT.  In the above-mentioned prompt, users can simply fill in their profession or area of expertise to get advice on how they can start a career in freelancing.  For example the prompt, “How to start freelancing as an app developer?” can help people get a step-by-step guide for setting up their business.

5. “Suggest Online Courses for Advancing in (The User’s Field)”

Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Lewis Keegan
Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Lewis Keegan

Apart from helping in finding opportunities, ChatGPT can also help people to become more desirable. It’s never a bad idea to invest in education and it is rather important for staying competitive. Users can ask ChatGPT to recommend online courses and suggest a variety of resources, from free online courses to certification programs, that can help grow their skill set and increase their earning potential.

6. “Please Share Suggestions on How to Network [Your Side Gig]”

One of the best ways to find new opportunities is to network in the respective fields. ChatGPT can also help people to expand their professional network both offline and online. Users can tailor the prompt to their specific needs and area of expertise and then strategies on how to build valuable connections.