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How Game Developer Lucas Roitman Became Youngest Self-Made Millionaire At 14; His 4 Tips For Success

When he was 11, Roitman remained in his bedroom creating and publishing his own viral web video game.
Cover Image Source:  Game creators can earn millions in revenue | Pexels | tima-miroshnichenko
Cover Image Source: Game creators can earn millions in revenue | Pexels | tima-miroshnichenko

New Yorker Lucas Roitman recently found himself in the millionaire's club. He is 14. Success, as Roitman emphasizes, is not an overnight phenomenon but rather the outcome of consistent effort over time. His commitment to four fundamental principles: perseverance, endless curiosity, innovation, and balance led him to this financial feat.

At a mere 11 years old, while his friends in Buenos Aires were busy with traditional pastimes, Roitman remained in his bedroom creating and publishing his own viral web video game. This early foray into the world of technology set the stage for his future success.

Image Source: Photo by Matilda Wormwood |Pexels
At 11, Roitman published his own video game | Pexels | Photo by Matilda Wormwood

As a teenager, Roitman didn't stop at game development. He went on to create Airhand, an augmented reality software that allows users to control their computers with hand movements. Picture pointing to an object on the screen and "picking" items up by opening and closing your hands. This innovative creation didn't just turn heads; it sold for millions to a multinational company, propelling Roitman further into the tech limelight.

Roitman continued to carve his path in the tech sector, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. His Adia Robotics drone start-up caught the eye of tech giant Apple which acquired it for a whopping $55 million. This journey showcases the potential for success when one follows their passion and takes risks in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Image Source: Photo by ThisIsEngineering | Pexels
AI and robotics (representational image) | Pexels | Photo by ThisIsEngineering

Today, Roitman shares his 4 secrets to doing your best and becoming a millionaire.

Perseverance: Challenges at Stanford

According to Roitman, one of the key secrets to his success is perseverance. His time at Stanford University taught him the true power of resilience. The challenges he faced, both culturally and academically, required him not only to endure hard times but also to find growth and opportunity in them. Embracing challenges, as he explains, was crucial to his personal and professional development.

Curiosity: Fueling tech trajectory

Roitman attributes his career trajectory to endless curiosity. His deep-rooted passion and insatiable curiosity were the driving forces behind his initial steps into the tech world. This relentless drive, he believes, is what inspires continuous learning and adaptation—qualities essential in a tech landscape that is in a constant state of evolution.


Having something unique to offer is another secret to Roitman's success. In his view, establishing a distinct identity is crucial in today's competitive world. He advises teenagers to leverage their unparalleled access to information and tools, encouraging them to experiment, learn, and innovate. In a world filled with possibilities, standing out with something truly exceptional is the key to making a mark.

Image Source: Photo by Marc Mueller |Pexels
Being innovative is crucial for making a mark in today's world | Pexels | Photo by Marc Mueller

Balancing work and life

Despite his busy schedule in the tech world, Roitman places great emphasis on balance. By pursuing hobbies such as salsa dancing, rock climbing, playing the piano, and adventure sports, he ensures that he takes time for himself. Playing the piano serves as a means to relax and refocus while spending quality time with family and friends keeps him grounded. Roitman's advice is straightforward: love what you do, and balance will naturally find its way into your life.