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Don’t Fall For New Year Gym Scams; Achieve Your Fitness Goals Safely With These Tips

Frauds in the fitness industry are on the rise as scammers target gymgoers and enthusiasts
Cover Image Source: | Pexels | Photo by Karolina Grabowska
Cover Image Source: | Pexels | Photo by Karolina Grabowska

The new year comes with fresh and exciting vibes and many people are enthusiastic about making positive changes. Fitness goals for the new year are common and people end up joining gyms to achieve the same. Besides sweating it out at the gym, people also aim to develop healthier habits, take good care of their bodies, and become the best versions of themselves. Scammers now seem to be targeting New Year health resolutions as frauds in the fitness industry are on the rise, per Better Business Bureau.

Everyone has a new year resolution to be fit the next year and some people actually pursue that|Pexels|Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery
Fitness resolutions are common at the star of a new year | Pexels | Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery

At the start of 2024, people are showing immense interest in gym memberships, purchasing expensive home workout equipment, enrolling in health programs, and making new diet charts to fulfill their goals of being fit. After the mouth-watering festive holiday meals, the new year gives you chances to shed extra weight and continue a healthier lifestyle. However, fraudsters are capitalizing on health and fitness trends.

Instead of paying for costly annual gym memberships, some people prefer buying home exercise equipment which is costly but a one-time investment. In January, a lot of people browse online marketplaces for 'workout equipment,' and scammers are taking advantage of the craze by selling poor-quality products. Sometimes, these fraudsters even take the payment for a product that does not exist and disappear. In 2021, it was reported that an individual lost $2,100 when buying an elliptical workout machine online through Amazon Pay. Generally, when we purchase things from Amazon or any other verified portal, we immediately receive the confirmation. But in this case, the user didn't receive a confirmation even after emailing the company. It was a trap and the user fell into it, losing his hard-earned money. He became a victim of a gym scam. 

Gym scams this year in 2024 are on the rise and fitness freaks are falling into it. BBB alerts|Pexels|Photo by JD'S
Gym scams in 2024 so beware of making fitness product or gym membership purchases | Pexels | Photo by JD'S

The Better Business Bureau or BBB has offered some helpful tips for people aiming to become a fitter and younger version of themselves. Alongside fraud risks, gym enthusiasts aiming for better health must first assess their fitness goals while choosing a gym or home workout setup. Here are some tricks that might save you money and focus. 

1. Ask about free trials: Many gyms and home programs offer trial periods. Don't be shy and take full advantage of the opportunity to know if the membership and the training suit your fitness goals. Visit the gym during peak workout times to assess its crowd capacity and training. 

2. Avoid pressure: If you feel that a health program, diet plan, or even a gym membership won't benefit you, just back out. Don't be pressured by their sales tactics which involves emotional pressure, too. Reputable gyms give their customers time to think and then come back. Be cautious of claims that sound too good to be true.

3. Understand costs: Cost is always the deciding factor in everything. The gym membership offers might attract you but it will accumulate and increase the costs later. Carefully read the agreement and understand the monthly fees and all the hidden inclusions, if any.

4. Take a tour: Before joining the gym, always take a tour of the facility to ensure it meets your goals, and you are comfortable working out there and it is not a shady place. Don't hesitate to ask silly or crucial questions about policies, hygiene, and equipment maintenance.

Follow these tips to save yourself from scams happening in the fitness industry|Pexels|Photo by Victor Freitas
Follow these tips to save yourself from scams happening in the fitness industry|Pexels|Photo by Victor Freitas

5. Set realistic goals: Don't set goals that cannot be achieved and not everyone can have the same targets as it depends on the body's structure, capacity as well as health conditions. Always consult a physician before setting goals and tell him that you want to work out this much and shed weight. 

6. Prioritize preferences: Some gyms that offer attractive deals might be far away from your location. Carefully assess your fitness goals and if they can be achieved through home workouts or gyms closer home before making a purchase decision. 

7. Know the terms: Always go through the contracts, memberships, and agreements thoroughly before signing up on anything. If there are any additional pros or promises, get those in writing, and don't forget to understand the cancellation and renewal policies.

8. Use credit cards: If you pay for any equipment or membership and it turns out to be fake, your money is gone. It is always advised to use credit cards for online shopping as it provides you protection and the option to cancel charges.

For more fraud-free tips and updates on the recent online frauds this year you can visit where you can report and raise awareness if you are a victim of any unknown frauds.