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Meet the Financial Therapist Addressing Stressful Relationships That People Have With Money

Recognizing the intricate relationship between money and mental well-being, Murphy offers valuable insights and strategies to tackle financial anxiety.
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Jenae Murphy
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Jenae Murphy

With the threat of a recession on the horizon causing economic uncertainties and triggering a surge in prices, conversations about money naturally lead to discomfort. Addressing financial stress and anxiety in such an environment can be daunting, but failing to confront these issues can lead to significant mental health challenges. According to a 2016 study by Payoff, nearly one in four Americans experience PTSD-like symptoms due to financial stress. To address the impact of money on mental well-being, licensed financial therapist Jenae Murphy offers valuable insights and strategies to tackle financial anxiety head-on.

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The right financial advice can help people navigate financial conversations (representative image) | Pexels | Photo by cottonbro studio

As the founder of Financial Therapy LLC in Brockton, Murphy specializes in delving into individuals' emotional connections with money. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the origins of one's financial attitudes and behaviors, shedding light on how these factors influence spending habits, saving patterns, and long-term financial planning.

Describing the process of discussing finances as akin to revealing oneself, Murphy highlights the vulnerability inherent in these conversations. “When we're talking about money, it's equivalent to undressing yourself at the doctor's. You're revealing yourself. And a lot of people like to put a cover-up on. And when you're looking at numbers like what I have to do, I can find where it's not going to be aligned,” Murphy said. Through her practice, Murphy aims to bridge the gap between financial decisions and emotional well-being, helping clients cultivate healthier relationships with money.

Financial anxiety knows no bounds of income bracket, affecting individuals across diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Murphy stresses that discomfort surrounding money conversations can exacerbate stress levels, manifesting differently in each person. Understanding one's unique relationship with money is crucial as it shapes perspectives on financial goals, aspirations, and contentment with current circumstances.

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While addressing risky financial behaviors like sports betting, Murphy advocates for informed decision-making backed by financial literacy. With the legalization of sports betting in Massachusetts, the prevalence of gambling addiction underscores the importance of responsible financial management. Murphy cautions against impulsive financial decisions devoid of a solid foundation, urging individuals to prioritize their financial security over speculative bets.

To facilitate open dialogue and support individuals in navigating their financial journeys, Murphy provides safe spaces for exploration and growth. Through workshops and therapeutic interventions, she empowers clients to confront their emotional connections to money, fostering resilience and confidence in financial decision-making.

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As part of her holistic approach, Murphy offers affirmations to reframe attitudes toward money. Encouraging individuals to recognize their inherent worth and embrace abundance, she promotes self-awareness and mindfulness in financial interactions. By affirming that "money flows to me easily, but I have to get out of the way of me," Murphy empowers individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace financial well-being.

Addressing financial anxiety requires a multidimensional approach that acknowledges the intersection of money and mental health. Through the expertise of financial therapists like Jenae Murphy, individuals can confront their financial challenges with resilience and self-awareness. By fostering open dialogue, promoting financial literacy, and embracing affirming attitudes, individuals can navigate their financial journeys with confidence and empowerment.