Want to Save $30 a Week? Here Are 8 Tips to Save On Your Tesco Grocery Bills

Want to Save $30 a Week? Here Are 8 Tips to Save On Your Tesco Grocery Bills
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Meet Kat, a 27-year-old from Manchester, who's gained a following of around 31,000 on TikTok (@katsaves) by sharing clever ways to save money on groceries. In a recent video, she shared eight simple tips that could cut your weekly supermarket expenses by up to £30 ($37).

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Kat and her boyfriend are fans of Tesco, but she insists that these money-saving tricks work for any supermarket. In an interview with Needtoknow.co.uk, Kat explains her budget-friendly approach, sharing insights that have made a significant impact on her weekly shopping costs.

She emphasizes the effectiveness of her tips, saying, “When I actively use all of these tips, I notice my weekly shop is at least £30 ($37) cheaper than when I didn't use them.” This shows how practical changes can make a big difference, especially with the rising cost of food.

Image Source: d3sign/Getty Images
Image Source: d3sign/Getty Images

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The young woman, Kat, shared eight straightforward tips to help people cut down on their weekly supermarket expenses:

1. Scan-and-Go for Budget Discipline: Utilize scan-and-go services to stay within your budget efficiently.

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2. Craft a Shopping List: Make a shopping list beforehand to steer clear of impulse purchases and stay focused on necessities.

3. Opt for Loose Items: Instead of bulk purchases that often go unused, consider buying loose items to minimize waste.

4. Aldi Price Match at Sainsbury's and Tesco: Take advantage of Aldi price matching at Sainsbury's and Tesco to enjoy budget-friendly prices without compromising quality.

5. Explore Reduced-to-Clear Sections: Hunt for bargains in the reduced-to-clear sections to make the most of discounted items.

6. Leverage Loyalty Cards: Make the most of loyalty cards to accumulate points and enjoy exclusive discounts.

7. Bulk Purchase Long-Shelf Life Items: Save money by buying non-perishable items in bulk, ensuring they have a long shelf life.

8. Opt for Own-Brand Items: Consider purchasing own-brand items, often more economical than branded alternatives without sacrificing quality.

Image Source: Kseniya/Getty Images
Image Source: Kseniya/Getty Images

Kat started her journey into saving money on groceries about a year ago when food prices started going up. Realizing the importance of being mindful of expenses, she took a proactive approach to cut down on food costs. Although Tesco is her preferred supermarket, Kat encourages everyone to check out other options, saying, "Shop around if you live somewhere with multiple shops close together."

Contrary to the belief that discount stores are always the cheapest, Kat reveals, "Aldi isn't always the cheapest for everything, and Waitrose isn't always the most expensive." She even surprises us by pointing out that sometimes M&S Food has more budget-friendly products than Aldi.

Image Source: andresr/Getty Images
Image Source: andresr/Getty Images

Kat's advice goes beyond sticking to a specific brand or location. Her tips are universal for anyone looking to save money on groceries without sacrificing quality. In a world where every penny matters, Kat's practical tips offer a useful guide for a more budget-conscious and efficient grocery shopping experience.


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