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Twenty-Five-Year-Old Creates History as One of Amazon’s Youngest Delivery Service Partners

Jaren Kirkland always knew he wanted to be his own boss.
Cover Image Source: Amazon UK Services Ltd Warehouse | Getty Images | Photo by Nathan Stirk
Cover Image Source: Amazon UK Services Ltd Warehouse | Getty Images | Photo by Nathan Stirk

In recent times, the allure of establishing one's own startup has captivated a growing number of young students. The trend is intriguing as it showcases how the younger generation is actively participating in startup competitions, contributing positively to the market space. These budding entrepreneurs leverage their creativity, determination, and technological skills to make their mark in the world of business. A compelling example is that of Jaren Kirkland, a young entrepreneur, who has established a thriving business, delivering thousands of packages daily.

Image Source: Photo by Nathan Stirk | Getty Images
Image Source: Photo by Nathan Stirk | Getty Images

Hailing from Michigan, Jaren Kirkland, at the age of twenty-five, has achieved immense success by supervising a team of 30 Amazon drivers responsible for covering extensive routes across four states. Reflecting on his experiences, Kirkland highlighted the challenges of navigating a snowstorm in central Maryland, particularly when seven of his drivers failed to report to work. "We're dealing with a lot of curveballs as they come and figuring out what we need to do to have a good day," he stated. However, he and his team worked tirelessly to successfully fulfill all deliveries despite the adverse weather conditions.

At the age of twenty-one, Kirkland emerged as one of the youngest owners, launching his enterprise, "Duality Ventures," through Amazon's Delivery Service Partner Program in 2020. He also actively engaged in daily operations, participating in deliveries, logistics, revenue management, and other aspects of the business. His dedication has resulted in an impressive annual revenue of $3 million, supported by a fleet of 48 Amazon-branded blue vans that deliver happiness through 11,000 packages daily.

Kirkland's hands-on approach is evident as he works 360 days a year, consistently aiming to take his business to new heights. Entrepreneurs like himself have found valuable support in the Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program, launched in 2018. The program has played a significant role in creating 275,000 jobs and generating a revenue of $45 billion, delivering 20 million packages across 19 countries daily.

Amazon Prime delivery van on April 11, 2021 in Madrid, Spain.|Getty Images|Photo by Cristina Arias
Image Source: Amazon Prime delivery van | Getty Images | Photo by Cristina Arias

Embarking on his entrepreneurial venture, Kirkland initially received support from his father, who served as a DSP owner. Despite pursuing a corporate job post-graduation, the twenty-five-year-old found dissatisfaction in working for others. "I knew that I wanted to work for myself and have that freedom, but I didn't know what I wanted to do. I was in the mindset that you had to have a brilliant idea to start a business and I just didn't have it," he said. The launch of the DSP program presented a golden opportunity, prompting Kirkland to meet the program's requirements and transition into a full-time CEO. 

Image Source: Photo by Nathan Stirk | Getty Images
Image Source: Photo by Nathan Stirk | Getty Images

Looking ahead, Kirkland envisions further growth for his business. He wishes to establish a second delivery station, dispatching 30-40 vans daily from two locations. This expansion not only aims to create more employment opportunities but also increase revenue. Leveraging the advantages offered by the Amazon DSP program, his strategic focus lies in optimizing routes to enhance profitability, demonstrating a proactive approach towards achieving his business goals.