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Bread Beer Sounds Weird? This 23-YO Entrepreneur Turned Leftover Bread Into a Thriving Business

Breer makes millions in revenue and expects a net profit of Hong Kong $1.2 million from 2023 sales.
Breer products | Instagram | @breerhk
Breer products | Instagram | @breerhk

Making beer from surplus bread and earning a six-figure income from it might sound bizarre but Anushka Purohit, a 23-year-old entrepreneur is pushing the limits with this out-of-the-box idea. She was surprised to find how hotels across the globe waste tons of bread daily and wanted to solve the problem of food wastage. She brought three of her university friends together and while drinking alcohol, all of them decided it would be cool to make an alcoholic beverage. The idea manifested and today, Purohit's company is making millions in Hong Kong dollars.

Let's get some 'Breer' together|Instagram|@breerhk
Let's get some 'Breer' together |Instagram | @breerhk

To execute the idea, Purohit and her friends just imagined they needed a beer brewing kit. So, they purchased a $156 worth brewing kit from Amazon. It took them a couple of weeks to make the first sample of beer. Over time, with some trials and errors, they were able to launch a beer in 2020 which would entice the taste buds of beer lovers. They launched the alcoholic beverage under the brand name, Breer. Currently, Breer makes millions in revenue and expects a net profit of Hong Kong dollar 1.2 million from 2023 sales. The company is hugely popular in Hong Kong and Anushka and the team have been able to do all this without raising any funding rounds. They have managed to bootstrap and invested HK $6 million which they won in several competitions without giving out any equity shares to investors.

Anushka Purohit's 'Breer' was featured in the lexemedia magazine|Instagram|@breerhk
Anushka Purohit's 'Breer' was featured in the lexemedia magazine | Instagram | @breerhk

Breer markets itself as a sustainable company that is operating the alcoholic beverage industry to make a difference. The company proudly talks about how it is saving food wastage and providing the world with authentic craft beer. Hong Kong generates close to 1800 tonnes of bread as waste, making it an ideal choice for a sustainable company like Breer, trying to make alcohol out of waste food. They source their primary raw material, which is leftover bread from restaurants and bakers. Currently, they have sourcing tie-ups with twenty-plus such bakeries in Hong Kong. Since it’s a waste for these outlets, they often provide this to the company without any charges. Breer has partnered with local breweries which then process these breads to make beer. To not rush into the competition and minimize the risk, the company is only making the beer as per the demand in the local market. This way the company believes they can stay profitable as well as survive the unpredictable economy of the post-Covid world. Their bestsellers include Hibiscus Sour, Pale Ale, Bolo Bao, and their Maxim's collaboration, BOB (Bottle of Bread).  

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1. Invest your time and effort in the activities or tasks you are passionate about. Once you start doing what you like, the success will follow. It is easier and more joyful to make money out of something you love than doing something that you don’t like at all.

2. The only way to know if your idea would work or not is to implement it. You need to take the risks and chances for something you believe in.

Anushka Purohit captioned: Never in my life would I imagine flying to Singapore from HKG twice in 2 weeks, but I'll take it! Not complaining. What an incredible melting pot of change-making ideas! Cannot wait for global reunions.|Instagram|@nushickles
Anushka Purohit captioned: "Never in my life would I imagine flying to Singapore from HKG twice in 2 weeks, but I'll take it! Not complaining." | Instagram | @nushickles

3. Money needs to be spent judiciously. If you start making good money from your business, don’t spend it all on yourself. Instead, invest it back into the business. The more you invest in business, the more it will generate income for you.

4. Find business ideas that are sustainable and can also solve a social problem. Such ideas not only make you rich but you also derive joy out of doing something good for the world.