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Countries That Have Already Banned TikTok

As of March 2024, 23 countries have banned TikTok, some partially, others completely.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Unsplash | Photo by Solen Feyissa
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Unsplash | Photo by Solen Feyissa

Countries That Have Banned TikTok 

Image Source: Unsplash | Alexander Shatov/Edited
Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Alexander Shatov/Edited

In recent years, many countries have banned TikTok, the video-sharing platform owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. International organizations like NATO have also prohibited their staff from using TikTok on official devices. Concerns over privacy and cybersecurity have prompted governments across the world to enforce complete bans on the platform. The US is also taking steps toward banning TikTok, with the House of Representatives passing a bill urging the app's Chinese developer to divest from the company. As of March 2024, 23 countries have either partially or completely banned TikTok. Let's take a closer look at a few of them.

1. Afghanistan

Unsplash | Kabul, Afghanistan | Mohammad Husaini
Image Source: Kabul, Afghanistan | Unsplash | Photo by Mohammad Husaini

In April 2022, the Taliban announced a complete ban on TikTok to "safeguard the younger generation from misguidance." Concurrently, the militant group also prohibited television channels from broadcasting content it deemed morally objectionable. This decision was communicated during a 2022 meeting between Taliban representatives from the security sector and a Sharia law enforcement delegate.

2. Australia

Sydney, Australia | Unsplash | Dan Freeman
Image Source: Sydney, Australia | Unsplash | Photo by Dan Freeman

Citing security risks, the country has prohibited the app's usage on federal government-owned devices, a move prompted by concerns voiced by the Department of Home Affairs. Australia is now deliberating a potential complete ban on the app. According to ABC, Senator James Paterson stated that the coalition is exploring legislative options to implement the ban on the platform. "We have been monitoring developments in other nations and most recently in the United States," he remarked. "We will make decisions independently as a sovereign nation."

3. Belgium

Dinant, Belgium | Unsplash | Alex Vasey
Image Source: Dinant, Belgium | Unsplash | Photo by Alex Vasey

In March 2023, Belgium banned TikTok across all government devices. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo emphasized that the country's National Security Council had been alerted to concerns regarding the extensive data collection practices associated with the platform. "Given these considerations, it is only logical to prohibit the use of TikTok on phones provided by the federal government. Preserving the security of our information must take precedence," he stated.

4. Canada

Toronto, Canada | Unsplash | Alex Shutin
Image Source: Toronto, Canada | Unsplash | Photo by Alex Shutin

In February 2024, Canada followed suit by banning TikTok from all government mobile devices. Mona Fortier, President of the Treasury Board, attributed this partial ban to "an unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security." She further explained that the decision to remove and block TikTok from government mobile devices was precautionary, especially in light of concerns regarding the legal framework governing the information collected from such devices. This action aligns with the approach taken by international partners, as stated in her official statement.

5. Denmark

Denmark | Nyhavn, København, Denmark
Image Source: Denmark | Photo by Nyhavn | Getty Images

In March, Denmark also implemented a ban on the TikTok application across all work devices. The Ministry stated that significant security concerns within the defense ministry, coupled with a minimal work-related necessity for the app's usage, drove this decision. According to Euronews, the Ministry further mandated the uninstallation of TikTok from service phones and other official devices as soon as possible if previously installed. Although the government didn't impose a ban on the app for the general public, they strongly discouraged its use. 

6. India

Mumbai, India | Unsplash | Sid Saxena
Image Source: Mumbai, India | Unsplash | Photo by Sid Saxena

In 2020, the country implemented a nationwide ban on 58 Chinese apps, including TikTok, across the country. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) stated that TikTok posed a threat to "the sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, security of state, and public order." Following this initial ban, the Indian government expanded its restrictions to include over 300 Chinese apps, such as Shareit, Helo, Likee, UC News, WeChat, and UC Browser.

7. Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal |  Unsplash | 
Raimond Klavins
Image Source: Kathmandu, Nepal | Unsplash | Photo by Raimond Klavins

India's neighboring country, Nepal, banned TikTok in November 2023. The Nepal Telecommunications Authority instructed all internet service providers in the country to block the app, which had been launched in Nepal in 2018. In response to the ban, Nepali Congress leader Gagan Thapa emphasized the need for regulation to deter social media abuse, criticizing the outright shutdown of social media platforms as unjust.

8. The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Unsplash | jennieramida
Image Source: Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Unsplash | Photo by Jennieramida

The Netherlands government issued a statement discouraging civil servants employed by the national government from installing and using apps originating from countries with offensive cyber programs against the Netherlands and Dutch interests. This directive followed a warning from the national intelligence agency AIVD regarding apps from countries such as Russia, North Korea, China, and Iran.

9. New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand | Unsplash | 
Dan Freeman
Image Source: Auckland, New Zealand | Unsplash | Photo by Dan Freeman

New Zealand banned TikTok on all government work devices. A statement from the government, attributed to parliamentary service chief executive Rafael Gonzalez-Montero, explained that this decision was based on analysis by the nation's own experts and discussions with colleagues across government and internationally. "Based on this information the service has determined that the risks are not acceptable in the current New Zealand Parliamentary environment," he added. 

10. Norway, Taiwan and Others

 New York, United States | 
Unsplash | ben o'bro
Image Source: New York, United States | Unsplash | Photo by Ben Bro

Several other countries have also implemented bans on TikTok. Norway prohibited TikTok on government devices, while Somalia cited concerns about terrorist groups using the platform to disseminate misinformation and disturbing content to the public. While Taiwan enacted a ban on TikTok in 2022, the United Kingdom prohibited its use on work phones and devices. However, in the United States, the situation regarding TikTok remains complex. In March, the U.S. demanded that ByteDance sell TikTok or face a complete ban.