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The 30-Day Financial Cleanse has Generated Buzz on TikTok; Here's How You Can do it too

Amidst get-rich-quick tales, some users offer practical financial advice for a more secure start to your year.
Image Source: Jamie Grill/Getty Images
Image Source: Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Most people start their year with resolutions that often include commitments about managing their finances better. But if you are ending 2023 stressing about your bank balance, maybe try the new TikTok trend called a "financial cleanse." The social media platform may have started off as a source of entertainment or a space for creative self-expression, but it has evolved into an ecosystem where even the most complex financial issues find simple solutions. TikTokers cut out the jargon and break things down for common users to sort out their finances in a step-by-step manner. Among trends started by financial influencers, the 30-day Financial Cleanse has been creating a buzz throughout 2023.

If you find yourself freaking out about money-saving tips; just listen to Seema Sheth, the TikTok guru behind @bobeema who came up with the “30-day financial cleanse.” Her practical tips are effective for boosting your savings and managing your expenses. Forget about quick-rich schemes or fancy investment tricks that promise to make you a millionaire overnight. According to Seema, she's got down-to-earth strategies to help you take charge of your finances throughout January.

Image Source: westend61/Getty Images
Image Source: westend61/Getty Images

In her first video, Sheth shares her simple financial mantra of doing one small thing every day to improve your money matters. On day one, she suggests grabbing a notebook and making three columns to break down all subscriptions from Netflix to the gym. List what the monthly cost and the yearly costs are, before deciding if the expenses are worth it. If not, cancel those subscriptions. For instance, this exercise opened Sheth's eyes to a forgotten Kindle Premium subscription that she'd been paying for without using it.

Image Source: d3sign.Getty Images
Image Source: d3sign.Getty Images

Julie from @youneedabudget has a 30-day challenge to kick off the year. First, pick a theme or word for the year, like "grow." Then, set a measurable goal—say, paying off credit card debt or saving a set amount. Break it down into smaller daily goals, like spending five minutes budgeting. Finally, tie it all together with an emotional goal, focusing on how you'll feel once you achieve your main goal.

As for Samantha Absher, aka @wtf_is_a_budget, breaking big savings goals into manageable monthly chunks based on your paycheck is the key to put things in order. If your emergency fund goal is overwhelming, think of it as, say, $150 per month. Once you figure it out, stash that cash in a separate account right after payday to resist spending it impulsively.

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Last year, TikTok gained a rep for being flooded with quick-money and side hustle scams. While that content still dominates, this realistic financial advice on a "financial cleanse" stands out as a remedy. If the idea of checking your online banking terrifies you and budgeting feels like climbing Mount Everest, a financial cleanse might just transform your money mindset. Taking those small steps could be the game-changer that helps you wave goodbye to debt or finally take that dream vacation this year.