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Man Claims To Make Money By Buying From T.J. Maxx and Selling on Amazon; Internet Isn't Convinced

Using side hustles to earn money isn't new, here's how people are using Amazon to earn the extra buck
Image Source: weflipitall_ | TikTok
Image Source: weflipitall_ | TikTok

TikTok user @weflipitall_ talks about how he sells women's clothing from T.J. Maxx and makes a ton of money. He displays these Under Armour shirts, which he purchased for $9.99 each, in his video. He claims to own six of them, and they go for $37 on Amazon. He estimates that he will profit $15 on each shirt, for a total of $90. He advertises his classes for those who wish to start selling on Amazon after the video.

Image Source: weflipitall_ | TikTok
Image Source: weflipitall_ | TikTok

However, not everybody is persuaded. Some in the comments section pointed out that he ignored to include other expenses like shipping and packaging. "You still need to package and ship!" exclaimed one person. requires resources and time."

Others said it's not as easy as just buying and selling. You have to wait for the items to sell, and there's no guarantee they will.  @Dawn commented, "Yeah, but what do you do with them until you sell them... And there's no guarantee."

Image Source: weflipitall_ | TikTok
Image Source: weflipitall_ | TikTok

Some people also pointed out that the TikToker might be exaggerating how much you can sell the items for. One person said, "I've tried this. It's really tough to find enough stuff to make good money."

And another person mentioned, "I've had Under Armour shirts listed before, and they never sold for that much."

Lots of folks were wondering why anyone would buy the item for a higher price on Amazon when there are cheaper options out there. One person said, "I live near an Under Armour outlet, and I can get these shirts for way cheaper."

One user also mentioned how the profit is not good enough after all the fees and shipping. 

Image Source: weflipitall_ | TikTok
Image Source: weflipitall_ | TikTok

Another person mentioned, "We all go to T.J. Maxx, so I'd never pay that much for a basic Under Armour shirt on Amazon."

Image Source: weflipitall_ | TikTok
Image Source: weflipitall_ | TikTok

A lot of individuals on TikTok are interested in the cool job of "flipping." Essentially, they purchase merchandise from department shops like Walmart or T.J. Maxx and resell it on large e-commerce platforms like Amazon for a higher price. There are a ton of TikTok videos about people sharing their flipping secrets. One person claimed to have made $4k selling jars that they had purchased from HomeGoods for $6. Another individual mentioned selling items from Marshalls for a healthy profit.

However, things don't always go as planned. A TikTok user had to return 14 pairs of shoes she had purchased from Ross intending to sell them on Depop because the plan had not worked out. Some people find it annoying because so many people are attempting to make money by flipping stuff from thrift stores.

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