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TikToker Reveals Lucrative Side Hustle To Make $100 In Just 15 Minutes

TikTok's @makemoneywithmarie has offered a glimpse into unconventional income avenues.
UPDATED JAN 22, 2024
Image source: Getty Images | Photo by Dan Kitwood
Image source: Getty Images | Photo by Dan Kitwood

The lucrative side hustles craze has gained massive traction in recent years with more people trying to complement their income. The rise of side hustles has been enabled by new websites and apps that help people earn by making jobs more accessible. The trend has been encapsulated by content creators like TikTok’s Marie, widely known as @makemoneywithmarie, who posts content on diverse avenues for generating income. Marie has shared an enticing side hustle opportunity on TikTok, which can yield approximately £80 ($100) in just 15 minutes.

Representative Image | Pexels | Photo by maitree rimthong
Representative Image | Pexels | Photo by maitree rimthong

Among her many side hustles, Marie has shared an accessible option that simply involves responding to survey questions to make money. She shared that platforms such as are identified as facilitators for individuals seeking an efficient and time-friendly hustle to make money.

In a TikTok video, Marie shares the intricacies of this specific side hustle and identifies the demographic it is most suitable for. She illustrates that people have an opportunity to earn $100 (£82) in just 15 minutes by undertaking straightforward tasks on

@makemoneywithmarie The side hustle that makes me 25k/week is… drumroll 🥁 High-ticket affiliate marketing! With affiliate marketing, I basically review and promote a brand’s products/services and receive a commission for every customer I send their way. Affiliate marketing isn’t the first side hustle I ever tried, so trust me when I say it’s the most beginner-friendly. I started with ZERO experience in March of 2023. 6 months later and I’m making a minimum of 25k per week (I made 40k last week 🙈)!!! I’ve been able to achieve this because I had the right education from the very beginning. A 💲7 course that changed everything for me!! Ready to learn? Head to the l!nk in mt bio for my fr33 beginner’s guide and the info on the 💲7 course. #affiliatemarketing #makemoneyonline2023 #sidehustle #workfromyourphone #moneymoves ♬ Roxanne - Instrumental - Califa Azul


Marie is an entrepreneur and a TikTok content creator. Her account @makemoneywithmarie serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals who want to explore and diversify their income streams with money-making side hustles. Beyond survey participation, she also shares insights into high-ticket affiliate marketing, presenting it as another lucrative venture for those willing to invest time and effort.

She has also shared her journey of starting as a beginner to earning a minimum of £25,000 per week through affiliate marketing. Through her TikTok videos, which are less than 40 seconds, Marie efficiently provides her viewers with insights into how they can make money through several side hustles.

@makemoneywithmarie Side hustle update: August edition In August, my affiliate marketing side hustle made me $142,883.64. Affiliate marketing has by far been the best side hustle I’ve ever tried. (And yes, I know, it’s not really a side hustle at this point, but that’s what it started as!) It’s given my family and me so much’s unreal!!! I now have the freedom to focus on my health and better caring for my family. I don’t have to wake up worrying that I’m going to let my boss down because it feels impossible to focus. I don’t have to worry that I’m going to get off work at the end of the day and feel like I’m letting my husband down because I have no energy. Because I found this side hustle, I am able to focus more on what really matters. I thank God every single day that He led me to this. If you’re ready to start making money online, grab my fr33 guide (in bio) to get started today. Happy money-making!! 🫶🏻 #sidehustleupdate #sidehustle #affiliatemarketing #affiliatemarketingforbeginners #sahmjob #howtomakemoneyonline ♬ original sound - Make Money Online


As per Masie, the process entails registering on the platform by providing personal details and then designing a professional profile. Following the sign-up, users will be invited to contribute feedback on websites, creatives, and sales copy through surveys, each requiring a modest amount of time ranging from one to 15 minutes, to complete.


The website sign-up page says that participants can receive compensation ranging from $10 (£8.20) to $100 (£82) per survey, depending on the survey type and specific audience criteria. Thus, users participating in these surveys can potentially earn $90 (£73.82) per hour.

Further, Masie says that the payment options are also versatile on the platform, allowing respondents to choose between VISA, PayPal, and gift cards. Users also have the option of donating the earnings to charity.

As per a Daily Express UK report, the appeal of this side hustle comes from both its financial gain and its flexibility, and accessibility. There are plenty of such side hustles available across the web. However, scammers also take advantage of the rising trend to loot unsuspecting users. Thus, it is advised to approach any such side hustle with caution, especially for beginners.