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$30 Million Stolen From Security Company in Los Angeles On Easter Sunday

The suspects reportedly broke in through the roof and also managed to avoid triggering the theft alarm at the facility in the Sylmar area of the San Fernando Valley. 
Cover Image Source: YouTube | KTLA 5
Cover Image Source: YouTube | KTLA 5

Over $30 million from a money storage facility in Los Angeles was stolen on Easter Sunday in one of the biggest cash heists in the city's history, as per the Los Angeles Times. The suspects reportedly broke in through the roof and also managed to avoid triggering the theft alarm at the facility in the Sylmar area of the San Fernando Valley. 

While Los Angeles police refrained from naming the place where the theft took place, KABC-TV reported that it took place at GardaWorld, a global cash management and security company. 


Police also said that there was no indication of a heist from outside and that the missing cash was not discovered until the vault was opened on Monday. As per KABC-TV, an "apparent hole" was seen on the side of the building that was "boarded up," with a pile of debris next to it. 

Now, the theft is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the LAPD jointly. As per the law enforcement, the incident was perplexing, given that only a handful of people would have known about the money in the safe," via USA Today.

Experts say that the heist was pulled off by a "top-notch" group of criminals and may go unsolved. "This is a group that would have to have a lot of prior experience,” said Scott Selby, a Harvard-educated lawyer and co-author of “Flawless," a book about the famous Antwerp Diamond Heist, to The Post.

"It’s like if you were a gymnast, you know, by the time you’re world-quality, you’ve already done a lot of work," Selby added.

"We know they’re good because they got in and out without anybody noticing. And so far, there’s nothing obvious that leads the LAPD and FBI to know who they are," the expert added. 

The expert also talked about the possibility of this being an inside job, saying that "could very much be the case."


The heist immediately caught the attention of netizens who drew parallels with the 2022 $100 million in jewels heist in Los Angeles. Many took to X, formerly known as Twitter to share their thoughts.

"$30 million cash on hand and you’re telling me there is no human security team on site? Wow," writes @TomD80106675., while @Glendaragnarson, says, "That sounds like an inside job or inside assistance!"

In another incident last year, a huge "flash mob" robbery hit a high-end Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) store where the thieves managed to steal around $400,000 worth of clothes and accessories. 


The robbery was captured on camera and some videos made it online. In the video, a group of individuals were seen dressed in dark clothes and masks, storming into the store. The thieves then grabbed the cash and fled the scene in a matter of seconds. 

According to FBI Statistics, the crime rate in the country has dropped. However, the general perception says the opposite. "I don't believe it, plain and simple. I don't believe it because we're experiencing different results," Auriol Sonia Morris -- a South Carolina education, finance, and legal consultant who describes herself as a Black conservative Republican and a supporter of former President Donald Trump -- told ABC News.