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Check out This Hack That can Turn any Vacuum Cleaner Into a Dyson for Just $20

Want to get the best benefits $750 Dyson in just $20? Here's one the best cleaning hacks!
Image Source: @chandlerisaac | TikTok
Image Source: @chandlerisaac | TikTok

When it comes to home appliances, Dyson clearly takes the cake with innovation that has increased convenience for households beyond imagination. But the major appliance brand also comes with a hefty pricetag, prompting consumers to look for hacks to get the same tech at an affordable rate. TikTok has become a go-to place for quick and easy cleaning hacks with a separate ecosystem for that dubbed "Cleantok." One specific trick found on TikTok can make your ordinary vacuum cleaner perform with the same efficiency as an expensive Dyson, and that too at a relatively lower price. With the hashtag "Amazon Cleaning Must-Have under $20," @chandlerisaac shared a tutorial on how to upgrade your vacuum cleaner from a cheap $20 model to a $750 Dyson.

Image Source: @chandlerisaac | TikTok
Image Source: @chandlerisaac | TikTok

For less than $20, this clever device can significantly improve your vacuuming skills and save you a ton of money! So, precisely what is it? Essentially, it's an adhesive sticker that can attach a laser light to the head of your vacuum. It is a spoof of some of the newest Dyson vacuums that come with fancy laser head features. The individual records a video of their hardwood flooring both before and after the laser light is turned on. The floors appear rather clean without it, but when the light is on, you can see a lot of hair, debris, and dust hidden there. They say that while the light is effective during the day, it is even more so at night when it is dark and you can see all of the dust. It makes sense why this clever method for converting your vacuum cleaner into a $750 Dyson for just $20 became so popular.

Someone said, "This is incredible! "I had assumed my hardwood floors were clean until I saw this,"

Image Source: @chandlerisaac | TikTok
Image Source: @chandlerisaac | TikTok

Another person commented, "Can you also demonstrate it working on carpet?"

Image Source: @chandlerisaac | TikTok
Image Source: @chandlerisaac | TikTok

The Vacuum Cleaner Dust Display LED Lamp is available on Amazon for just $19. Although it's designed to work with the majority of home vacuum cleaners, it's a good idea to review the specifications before making a purchase. Simply attach it to the left side of your vacuum cleaner head for a simple installation.

"I was originally looking into getting the new Dyson motorhead with the green light that makes dust show up, as none of the Dyson heads have lights of any sort, but they are over $200. This may not cast as uniform of light as the Dyson (the light is brightest on the left side of the vacuum head), but it works exactly as I need it to. For the price, I'm extremely happy," said a buyer named Trevor Hughes.

Another consumer Jja said, "I was so excited to get this, I heard about the light feature on the new super expensive Dyson but wanted to try this instead. Put it on my stick vac Dyson V8, assembly was super easy, and the QR code with video helped a lot. A few things I’ve noticed: it works better on hard flooring than carpet/rugs, it works better when the lights are off and it’s not too bright, it works VERY well for dog hair. I’d buy it again!"

@chandlerisaac This will pretty much give you the $600 dyson vacuum for under $20 🫡 trust me, i even own the $600 one and this is the best way to get the same function without $$$. Plus it works on pretty much any vacuum so you can stick it to your existing one for a magic upgrade! #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #amazongadget #amazoncleaning #cleanwithme #cleaninghack #cleaninginspo #cleaningmusthaves #cleaningtips #vacuum #dysonvacuum #dyson #amazonfind #vacuumlaser #laservacuum #cleaningvolg #kitchenproducts #cleankitchen #sundayreset ♬ C'est Magnifique - Peggy Lee


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