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Should You Pay Rent With a Credit Card? Internet's Divided Over Woman's Bold Suggestion

This woman urges people to pay rent via credit card, gain rewards and use them to travel for free!
Image Source: avintagenomad | TikTok
Image Source: avintagenomad | TikTok

They say diamonds are girls' best friends but now in 2024 credit cards are closer than best friends. They can make life easier by allowing us to buy things even when we're short on cash. However, they can also cause trouble by tempting us to spend money we don't own and then charging extra fees on top of that. It's like being stuck in something we don't want but will definitely need (much like being in a toxic relationship we'd say!).

Filmmaker Meg Greer, known as @avintagenomad on TikTok, has a different perspective. She suggests that everyone should consider using a credit card to pay their rent, and she explains why.

In her video, Meg expresses surprise that she's the only one in her apartment complex who pays rent with a credit card. This sparked a lot of discussion on the internet, with many people sharing their reasons for not using one to pay rent. 

Meg had been frequently releasing videos until she revealed her unexpected moment. "I just went to pay my rent and found out that I'm the only person in the entire apartment complex, which is four complexes, that uses my credit card," she discloses in the video, which has been viewed over 2 million times.

She goes on to say, "I literally have a note on the little paper, it’s just me and my info for my apartment. And I don’t know why more people aren’t paying their bills with their credit card because I fly everywhere for free and I upgrade for free. And I have all these advantages because I put everything on my card. So y’all need to be doing that."

Image Source: avintagenomad | TikTok
Image Source: avintagenomad | TikTok

Meg says this is something new and shocking, as if we hadn't heard that credit cards can be useful. She seemed to indicate that folks who do not use credit cards for these benefits may be missing out. Meg is trying to inspire others to modify their rent-paying practices by stating that she does not understand why more people do not make the optimum use of their credit cards. 

Here's what one of the commentator had to say : When I was given the option of paying my rent with a credit card, the first thing that came to mind was the high charge. Landlords and property managers frequently prevent tenants from using credit cards by imposing exorbitant fees. These costs might range from $30 to 3-20% of the rent price. Even if it's only an extra $30 per month, it adds up quickly to $360 every year. So the question arises: Are the rewards points worth the extra money?

Image Source: avintagenomad | TikTok
Image Source: avintagenomad | TikTok

So here's all the problem with it, some rental properties don't accept credit cards. They prefer direct deposits or real cheques. Surprisingly, in 2024, paper checks are still widely utilized for this reason, maybe one of the few surviving uses for personal cheques.

Image Source: avintagenomad | TikTok
Image Source: avintagenomad | TikTok

Concerns about repaying credit card debts frequently emerge. Some people perceive credit cards as phantom money, but adopting the mindset of spending only what you have will help ease this concern. However, seeing an extra $1,000 or $2,000 on a credit card payment might be overwhelming for many people. Some people may not even have a sufficient credit limit to cover their rent payments.

Despite the benefits of using credit cards to pay rent, many commentators show a desire to do so if given the opportunity. However, the primary hurdle is not a lack of understanding of credit cards or rewards points. Rather, it is the difficulties and probable financial hardship associated with using a credit card to pay rent. Even prominent cards like the Chase Sapphire cannot protect us from financial issues.

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